The Giraffe Center – Nairobi, Kenya

Looking into their gorgeous deep brown eyes, framed by fluffy eyelashes, there’s no doubt there’s something special about the lanky (but adorable) giraffe.

If you find yourself with a little spare time in Nairobi, you may like to pop along to the Giraffe Centre (open from 10am – 5pm every day) to get up close and person with these African beauties.

Upon entering, you’ll be given a handful of pellets and run-down on how to feel the giraffes – surprisingly, it’s nothing like feeding a horse, rather than presenting them with a flat palm, you hold a pellet between your fingers and let the giraffe pick it up with their tongue – beware the giraffe slobber!

The centre is home to the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe, of which there are sadly less than 750 estimated to be remaining in the wild.  What started as a rehabilitation centre (run by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya – AFEW) now plays a significant role in the continuation of this species and in educating the Kenyan youth in the importance of wildlife conservation.

Entry to the centre will set you back 1000KSH for an adult or 500KSH for a child (approx. USD10 and USD5 respectively) and allow you to spend as long as you’d like with the giraffes.  Entry also includes giraffe food, a perusal around their information centre and access to the bushwalk across the road.  

To get to the centre, we hired a taxi for 2000KSH (again from our camp in Karen) and the driver waited whilst we visited the giraffes.

To save on taxi fare, you could also tie your trip to the Giraffe Centre in with a visit to the Elephant Orphanage nearby (which is open from 11am – 12pm each day) and expect to pay just a little more for waiting time.

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