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Kia ora and welcome to Exploring Kiwis!

We’re here to share our experiences of travelling with you – the good, the bad and the ugly (though let’s face it, most of the time it’s amazing!)  As New Zealanders living in Abu Dhabi, we’ve travelled broadly over the last few years, documenting many of our experiences here.

We’re passionate about maximising the time we spend in each place we visit, experiencing what makes each location unique and having an adventure – we try to do so at a range of budgets, ensuring everyone has access to these memorable experiences.  Whether you’re looking to save a bit of money or splurge, we’re here to help you seek out once-in-a-lifetime experiences (though we can’t guarantee you won’t love them so much, you’ll want to do them over and over!)

We love a good adventure and hope we can inspire others to push out of their comfort zone and create amazing memories.

We’re excited to connect with those of you who share a common love of travel – thanks for coming along for the ride!

Happy travels,
Sarah and Nathan

Diving playa del carmen mexico

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

Please note, the remainder of this page is under construction – we’re working hard to introduce you to our entire team ASAP.


Sarah Sullivan

So a little about me, I’m Sarah I originate from the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand), for the last nine years I’ve been working as a nanny or a teacher in some amazing countries and travelling with every spare minute I have.  Currently you will find me living in Abu Dhabi but aside from the UAE I’ve found myself living and working in Munich, Innsbruck, London and Massachusetts.

Three words that sum up my constant feelings are wanderlust (a strong desire to travel), fernweh (an ache for distant places and a longing for travel) and sehnsucht (a wistful longing in the heart for travels that have been and those to come) it appears Germans and their efficient language have managed to describe my daily feelings and condense them into three short words!  When I’m not traveling you will find me experiencing these feelings and planning my next adventure.

While I travel in many different ways and styles I prefer to travel and explore off the beaten track, experiencing something new and hopefully interacting with the locals and their way of living.

Some places and experiences on my ever expanding and never ending bucket list are hiking the Inca trail, travelling down the Amazon River, dancing in Ghana and exploring the amazing and diverse island of Madagascar.  Fortunately this summer I will get to tick off some other ultimate destinations like Cuba and Costa Rica and during our nine weeks exploring Central America – plus I finally will be able to try my hand at diving and hiking a volcano.

Stay tuned as I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all!

 Jade Love

Hi I’m Jade, a Kiwi currently living in London with my best friend and husband, Mark. Having moved to London in 2016 seeking a change in scenery, I make sure we get the most of our holidays by jet setting off to new destinations where, with cameras in tow, we enjoy capturing beautiful sights, trying all sorts of activities and most importantly indulging in the local cuisine.

Recently curious how far our exploring has taken us, we were surprised to tick off over twenty countries, with favourites including Japan, Greece, India and Cambodia. Our travel style has evolved from our first big trip together (three weeks of self-planned madness through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand) experiencing almost every style from backpacking, tours, self-guided and a touch of luxury. Our travels have lead us to incredible interactions with locals and other travellers and whilst ticking off our “bucket list” (which continues to evolve) we have learnt so many ‘do’s and don’ts along the way.

We love to connect with others on our travels to share, learn and enjoy, especially with locals who are always so generous offering the best insider’s information at a destination.

Major attractions still on the list include the Machu Picchu Inca Trail, too many beautiful coastal destinations to name and a night under the Aurora Borealis (or Aurora Australis; whichever happens to be kind enough to give us a show)!

I hope you enjoy the narratives I share as our journeys continue through Europe and beyond and I look forward to inspiring your next journey here on Exploring Kiwis.

 Joanne McLaughlin

Hey! I’m Joanne, a northern Brit with Greek blood and an international soul.

Since graduating from university many moons ago, I’ve found it very hard to keep my restless feet on the ground. As a child growing up, we never really went on holidays ‘abroad’. Instead we went (and by ‘we’ I mean my parents, brothers, friends, brothers’ friends, aunties, cousins and cousins’ friends) to a caravan park on the north-east coast of England. Exotic, I know. So when the opportunity arose to work – and play – in Cyprus at the tender age of 21, I grabbed it with both hands.

From that first real footstep on foreign sands, I was hooked. I’ve been a holiday rep in Cyprus and the Greek islands, driven a trackless train tour in Sydney, served the beer in an outback pub in Queensland, all before getting ‘a real job’ and becoming a teacher. Other than the UK, teaching has taken me to Italy and Abu Dhabi so far and has opened up the doors to a whole world (literally) of travel opportunities.

As all travel addicts will know, the impossible question is always, “Where do you like most?” I can honestly say I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been, but some of my favourite spots so far have been New Zealand (I’m not just saying that) for its unbelievable natural beauty, Bali for its amazing vibe and diverse landscapes, Vienna for the stunning architecture and rich European culture, and South Africa for the views, meat and ridiculously cheap yet delicious wine.

I really hope you enjoy my ramblings about the places I’ve been and have yet to visit.

 Nadine Maffre

Hey, I’m Nadine. I’m a semi-nomadic Kiwi who has lived in five countries and travelled to many more. I’m currently based in the South of France where I’m enjoying the provençal way of life with my husband, young son and two golden retrievers in tow!

I’ve always been passionate about travel – finding opportunities to explore at every turn! But it’s only recently that I left the corporate world of Investments & Insurance and (after going back to university to study communication) started working in destination marketing.

I love uncovering hidden gems while I’m travelling and finding unique and interesting places to stay – from a gypsy caravan in Corsica, to a luxury boutique in Santorini.

My travel wish-list is never ending and far-ranging but I’d love to visit the national parks in Canada and I’ve got a soft spot for the Cyclades!

 Morgan McGregor

Hi guys, I’m Morgan! I’m from New Zealand and currently live in this gorgeous place.  The majority of my travelling is done relatively close to home, because I love showing off all of the beauty and excitement New Zealand can offer!

Never one to sit still though, I spend my free time working on my business, volunteering, and all the rest whilst I save and plan my intrepid explorations of the rest of the world.

My biggest bucket list spots would have to be the UK (my last name’s McGregor, so try and guess the place I’d really like to go), the US for Coachella, ComicCon and the Salem festivals during Halloween and also Iceland! Although, that list gets longer and longer every day, with Israel, Egypt, and Greece cropping up on my Pinterest wish-lists often!

Whilst I’m here in the land of Kiwis however, I’m more than spoiled for choice with fun food, adventure and scenery options and I plan to make the absolute most of the beautiful country I’m in – I look forward to you joining the ride.


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    Hello .You have a great travel blog Glad to connect .
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    Wow! That is an extensive travel list 😀 I’m so looking forward to reading about your adventures and getting inspired 🙂

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    Is there an age limit for teaching in the Middle East ?

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