Fine Dining at the Ritz-Carlton: Brunching Abu Dhabi Style

There are few brands as synonymous with luxury as that of the Ritz-Carlton; even the widely recognised logo, featuring a lion and a crown, gives a nod to luxury and wealth.

Brunching is a favourite past-time for many expats living in the United Arab Emirates; this is not your standard run-of-the-mill eggs benedict at 11am though.  Brunch U.A.E style means eating (and drinking) from 12.30 until 4pm on an array of top restaurant-quality meals.

The reputation of Giornotte’s brunch proceeds itself, frequently being proclaimed one of the most impressive options in the city. With my parents visiting recently, it felt like the perfect opportunity to experience the Abu Dhabi fine-dining scene and where better to do so than at the Ritz?

The Giornotte restaurant takes pride of place, looking out over the gorgeous courtyard and swimming pool and is an impressive sight to behold.  As we were warmly welcomed and led to our seats it was difficult to comprehend the sheer variety of food on offer.

Countless stations (more than thirty of them), each serving up their own cooked-to-order gourmet offerings line the hallways whilst the restaurant serves up delicious pre-prepared food – without doubt, the Ritz-Carlton brunch offers something for everyone. Fresh seafood (of practically every variety), foie gras, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and more… if there’s something you crave, chances are you’ll find it at this brunch!

Those of you that know us personally, know that my taste buds are somewhat under developed, so unfortunately for Nathan, our evenings out are generally far from gourmet… Fortunately for all of us, absolutely every taste was catered for on the day. Whilst the three in our party with developed palates dined on seafood and roasted duck, I happily munched on the most delicious roast beef imaginable, along with a plethora of other tasty morsels. You know a restaurant has a lot on offer when even I have numerous options in regards to what I put on my plate!

With that said, I’m going to stop typing for a moment and let the pictures do the talking…

All. You. Can. Eat.  Let that sink in for a moment…

Our spectacular lunch was followed up with the most fabulous selection of sweet treats and desserts one could hope for – a massive room full of them.  We’ve been to brunches in the past where the desserts look amazing but fall down on taste, but this wasn’t the case at the Ritz.

Cakes, slices, pastries, gelato, waffles, freshly cooked strawberries, puddings, hand-spun candy floss, buttered popcorn, macaron towers, a candy bar and more, the Ritz brunch ensures that you finish your experience with a bang!

We were all too full to explore the cheese room properly (that’s right, literally a room entirely dedicated to cheese!) but it was an impressive sight and we saw lots of fromage-lovers leaving that room looking very happy.

Throughout brunch, drink flow freely – the content of your glass depending on the package you purchase. Even the non-alcoholic package allows diners to enjoy unlimited fruit cocktails, soft drinks, juices and coffees whilst upgrading the drinks package to an unlimited alcoholic option comes at a relatively small increase of AED100 a head.

The only small critique I could make of our brunch was that we didn’t appear to have a server for our table so when we were in need of more drinks, we had to pop up to the bar – this wasn’t a problem, we just saw drinks being taken to other tables.

Without doubt, our Ritz-Carlton brunch experience was the finest dining that Nathan and I have ever experienced!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, showing someone the sights in Abu Dhabi, or just want an amazing lunch out, Giornotte will tick all of the boxes (and then some!)  Now we just need another excuse to visit again…

Brunch at Giornotte will cost AED310 for a soft drink package or AED410 for the house beverage package (and as with all hotel restaurants, there are taxes in addition to this).

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