Diving off the Eastern Coast of Zanzibar

One of our favourite things to do when travelling is to check out the local wildlife, so when I heard there was the opportunity to see seahorses in the wild during our time on Zanzibar, there was very little doubt that we’d be donning our togs (a swimming costume for you non-Kiwis) and jumping in the ocean!

After a little research we decided upon diving with Buccaneers – it was an easy decision (check out their reviews!) and as it turned out, the right one.

The dive shops sits right on the beautiful beach of Paje, where you’ll board the boat by wading into the water.  Though the Eastern side of the island isn’t as well known as the Northern shores, it was close to our accommodation and our best bet at seeing seahorses, so was the best choice for us.

Wading out to our dive boat

Lauren and the team of dive masters were incredibly friendly and professional.  We only tend to dive whilst we’re on holiday and because different parts of the world use different units to measure the amount of air left in your tank, we always benefit from a little refresher, something our dive masters were more than happy to do.

The shore briefing was comprehensive and we were excited to hear about the variety of sealife that we would potentially see.  We opted to join the boat staying inside the reef as our main hope was to spot the local seahorses (something we’d never seen in the wild before) and, fortunately for us, we were in luck!

Throughout our two dives we managed to spot a number of seahorses, pipefish, trumpetfish, needlefish, cuttlefish, harlequin shrimp, sea snakes, starfish, moray eels, a small octopus, beautifully camouflaged white flounder and the most varied coral formations we’ve ever seen.  It was odd to see lionfish again after our last diving experience in Mexico (where they’re considered a pest, due to overpopulation as so many escaped from aquariums during the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina) but nice all the same to spot a couple.

In between dives, we were offered a variety of fruit and biscuits, along with bottled water, whilst the team very kindly prepared our gear for our next dive.

We really enjoyed our time diving with the team at Buccaneers in Zanzibar and would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a safe and professional dive company, in an area where you’ll be sure to spot all sorts of little sea oddities (and I mean that in the very best way!)

A stunning end to our afternoon on the water

If you too would like to venture into the deep blue off the coast of Zanzibar, a two tank dive will set you back USD130 per person (+ a small credit card fee should you wish to pay using one) and if you ask nicely, you may even be able to grab a ride back to your accommodation after your dive.

Apologies for the blue hint on the photos/videos – though I bought a red-filter for the GoPro, I managed to leave it behind at our accommodation!

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  3. Klipdrifters Travel says:

    Snorkeling in and around Zanzibar is amazing and so clear! Cant believe you managed to see seahorses! We mainly sorkeled on the West side of the island and saw many lion fish, barracuda and star fish. Loved reading this post and watching the videos, brought back so many memories.

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