Fun in the Sun – Aquaventure, Dubai

The weather here in the United Arab Emirates is starting to warm up again, so before the crazy heat sends us racing for the confined, air-conditioned comfort of the malls, we figured it was time to check out Aquaventures over in Dubai.


This iconic water park sits to the side of the Atlantis hotel, the jewel on the top of the man-made marvel that is the Palm.  From our home in Abu Dhabi, it’s a comfortable (albeit a little boring) hour long drive to reach Dubai on the motorway that allows you to drive up to 140km/h (crazy fast, right?)

We arrived not long after 10am on Friday morning.  For those of you not familiar with the UAE, Friday mornings are the best time to get things done (if your plans fall within a weekend) as that is the main time of worship for Muslims, making the roads and attractions around the country relatively quiet.  Parking is free and you’ll just need to board the minibus to take you to the entrance.

Jumping straight into the lazy river, we floated our way over to our first slide of the day… there’s even a conveyor belt that takes you up to some of the rides so you can rest those weary legs (in preparation for the hundreds, if not thousands of steps you’ll climb later in your visit!)


The park is organised around two main slide towers (The Tower of Neptune and The Tower of Poseidon, with a couple of lazy rivers/rapids weaving throughout and a fabulous kids area.  The only thing Aquaventure is really missing is a normal swimming pool or a wave pool but where the lazy river opens up, there is the option to just relax in the water.


Our favourite rides were easy to pick as they offered something a bit different to what we’d experienced before.

The Leap of Faith is probably the parks most iconic ride and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  The moment you push off over the ledge and plummet down the slide takes your breath away, and though the video shows you slide through the shark tank, you’re racing by so fast, with so much water splashing up, that I must admit, I only saw a blur of blue. What a ride though!



Speeding down, about to enter under the shark tank. I remember watching people go down this slide on the Amazing Race and have more of an appreciation of why people would be nervous to ride it now!


The Zoomerango would have to have been our favourite ride of the day – we rode it half a dozen times which speaks for itself.  This slide starts off relatively tame but before long the slide drops away into a huge halfpipe.  Check the following video out to experience it for yourself…

The Zoomerango – the perfect combination of thrills and fun made this our favourite slide yesterday. That drop!! #mydubai #adrenalinerush
A video posted by Sarah & Nathan Chant ✈️? (@exploringkiwis) on


Poseidon’s Revenge was a close tie to the Leap of Faith (in regard to scare factor) – I personally thought it was scarier than the Leap of Faith but Nathan thought the shark tank slide beat this one out for scares.  Either way, being locked into a near-vertical shoot before the count down begins and the floor suddenly drops away is terrifying!


That drop!! Nathan being very brave on Poseidon’s Revenge #differentinwater

A video posted by Sarah & Nathan Chant ✈️? (@exploringkiwis) on

Top Left (moving clockwise): The Leap of Faith, about to go down the big drop on Zoomerango, Olivia and I about to head off down the rapids on our raft, and Nathan climbing into the loading bay of Poseidon’s Revenge.


We had a fabulous day splashing around and exploring the rides.  The food at the park wasn’t cheap, but was at least served in good sized portions so it didn’t feel as expensive as it could have.  All in all, we would highly recommend a trip to Aquaventure – even at full price it would have been a great day out!

We were fortunate to pick up discounted tickets directly through Aquaventure (follow their Facebook page to be alerted to specials), so popped along for only 130aed each (NZD50 or USD35) + an extra 50aed each to add on a visit to their aquarium.  If you’re planning on visiting, keep an eye on their Facebook page and if no specials have popped up, prebook your tickets directly through their website… you’ll save money on paying at the gate.  Also, if you’re in Dubai around your birthday, sign up and you’ll get a free ticket to use during your birthday week.  Have fun!

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10 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun – Aquaventure, Dubai

  1. Christian L says:

    Thanks for the tips, now i know what i should do next time im in Dubai, even i really dislike the city, but i guess its better to go out and have fun than stay in my hotel enjoying the aircon

  2. Paige Brown says:

    This sounds like quite the adventure! I love waterparks! Were you a fan of Dubai as a whole? I’m not sure why, but I don’t really have any desire to visit. Although, this looks like a blast!

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