We’re off to Africa!

Since moving to the UAE, we’ve already been fortunate to travel to a new continent (Europe, we’re talking to you!) and I’m excited to say we’ll soon be venturing to another… the wild vastness of Africa!

We’ve pencilled together an itinerary that looks something like this:

  • Tanzania – Zanzibar for some beach time (snorkelling, diving etc)
  • Kenya – leaving from Nairobi for a three day safari to Maasi Mara (and possibly Lake Nakuru?)
  • Uganda – Murchison Falls for a three day safari (inc. a rino sanctuary) and then either a 3 day trip to trek with the gorillas or 4 days with the gorillas and chimps.

Our flights into Zanzibar and out of Entebbe have been booked and though I’ve got information on the other things we’re looking at, we are flexible there.

Have you been to any of these spots?  What did you love?  Is there anything you’d avoid?  It’s our first time in Africa and we’d very much like any guidance you can offer!

xx Sarah

9 thoughts on “We’re off to Africa!

  1. Derek cullen says:

    Hey guys,

    Best of luck on your trip to Africa: it’s an incredible place.

    I see you were thinking of heading to lake Nakuru : personally I think you’re better off staying overnight in lake naivasha instead – take a little am fishing boat trip on the lake full of hippos and exotic birds. Late at night you can also watch for hippos coming up to graze …it’s pretty cool. Also you can visit the home of George and joy adamson on the lake who were the famous couple that rescued a lion cub many years ago and raised it in their home.

    Have a great time !
    Ps. I worked as a guide in Africa for two years and rode my bicycle across it in 2013/2014 😉

    • Sarah - Exploring Kiwis says:

      Hi Derek, Thanks so much for your advice, we’ll definitely look into it! Can you see the flamingos at Lake Naivasha too? Is it relatively close to Maasi Mara or Nairobi too? Those are the two spots we’ll be in Kenya at this stage. It sounds like such an amazing place and we’d be over the moon to see hippos in the wild.

      Far out, I can’t even imagine riding a bike that far! Will be sure to check out your blog. Thanks again, Sarah

      • Derek cullen says:

        Hey yeah it’s actually a little closer than Nakuru ,…seeing the as you are already going to the Masai Mara I just think naivasha is a more genuine experience …Nakuru is a fenced park so will be noticing like the Masai Mara.

        In saying that, it’s still nice …I always did both with my tour groups.


  2. Carola says:

    Sounds like your making the most of your time!
    For a first taste of Africa I think you’ve chosen well. But, of course, there is sooooo much more… 🙂

    But if it’s gonna be Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, here’s my 5 cents (stemming from traveling for about a year all around the continent…)
    – Zanzibar: make sure you check out the real, local night market in Stone Town, near the dala-dala terminal (not the touristy one…); and while you’re there: please have at least one sugar cane juice for me! (http://cbsoundso.world/2012/12/29/got-juice-food-and-drink-in-africa-pt-6/ …). If you have more time go along the coast: in the South you have Kilwa Kisiwani and its Swahili/Portuguese ruins, in the North (so on the way to Kenya…) Bagamoyo and Tanga (with the Amboni Caves that start here and run all the way to Kenya)
    – Safari: I absolutely love NgoroNgoro National Park in Tanzania, best reached from Arusha, if you can still change your plans…
    – Uganda: Not sure how you plan to go from Murchinson to Bwindi (or Mgahina?) but if you can, stop in the Rwenzori Mountains, stunning and barely touched by foreign tourists. I saw the gorillas in Bwindi and it was absolutely worth the 500 USD (video proof: http://cbsoundso.world/2013/05/26/i-once-saw-a-monkey/.

    Again: Have a wonderful time and enjoy!

    Happy travels,

    • Sarah - Exploring Kiwis says:

      Hi Carola, thanks so very much for your help! I’m going to check out your suggestions 🙂 We’ve been quoted USD1000 (approx per person) for the gorillas which is a fair bit more but including accommodation for two nights, food etc. Does that sound about right? I presume the USD500 you’re referring to is just for the permit? Thanks!

  3. Carmen Everywhere says:

    Good luck on your trip. I haven’t been to any of these but I have been about 7 times to Morocco and recommend you to head there if you have the time so you can explore a completely different part of Africa.

  4. Mungai says:

    I know that you have already done your trip, but this might help someone who is planning theirs…. Visited Zanzibar from Nairobi, Kenya and vacationed at Paje Beach…. amazing white sandy beach that we had all to ourselves…we stayed at Teddy’s Place in a beach bungalow.

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