U-Turn: An American Diner in The UAE

Let me start by saying how much we really love a good burger… our love for burgers is on par with our adoration of the United States and all of their ridiculously delicious (and naughty) food in general!

Imagine our excitement when reviews for U-Turn Diner started popping up all over Facebook – Abu Dhabi’s very own American styled diner.  Now take that level of excitement and turn it up a notch, when not only did we have the chance to visit U-Turn but we were invited to trial their new menu.  The stuff of dreams!

U-Turn opened six months ago and has brought a relaxed and fun atmosphere to Abu Dhabi’s casual dining scene.  In a nod to their American roots, they serve generously sized portions

uturn abu dhabi monster shakesAmazing desert treats seem to be popping up the world over, with one of the biggest trends currently in the form of calorific freak shakes.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on all of the new flavours and they didn’t disappoint.  Choose between:

  • Armadillo (46AED): A caramel chocolate shake, with peanut butter.  Topped with a snickers chocolate bar, M&Ms and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and loaded with chocolate and caramel sauce.
  • Chocolattack (49AED): An oreo choc shake, topped with whipped cream, brownie, muddy chocolate, pretzels and an oreo cookie.
  • Strawberry Fantasia (47AED): A strawberry shake, topped with marshmallows, colourful sprinkles, and a mini cupcake.
  • Cloud Nine (48AED): A strawberry cheesecake shake mix, topped with a slice of cheesecake, sprinkles, strawberry sauce and cream.

We were served these monster shakes as an entree but next time we’d order normal drinks to accompany our main and order a shake as our dessert.  They were delicious but definitely better suited to a post-dinner treat.

uturn abu dhabi monster shakesFollowing our shakes, we sampled a range of starters (as seen below), including chicken bites, ‘bang bang shrimp’, chicken quesadillas and ‘pepe fries’.  All of them were tasty – the shrimp got great reviews from the other diners and I personally enjoyed the cheesy chicken bites and U-Turn’s take on poutine.  The servings were generous (especially when you consider the size of the mains to follow) so be mindful that you don’t over-order.

uturn abu dhabi food

Just when we were starting to feel full the mains made their way out to us – though we weren’t very hungry, we couldn’t resist tucking in.  The bread was the perfect middle-ground between savoury and sweet, the patties perfectly cooked and the toppings flavourful.  Each burger was served with a massive pickle and a side of beautifully seasoned fries.

We sampled theMamma Mia Burger (Italian influenced), Este Punto Burger (Mexican style), the OMG Burger (a serious burger – triple patty beef (120gr each), cheddar cheese (real & sauce) , strips of beef bacon, hashbrown, grilled egg, red coleslaw and grilled onion!) and also had a little taste of their U-Turn AD Burger (with a camel patty).

For all of us, the OMG burger was the clear favourite.  It was cooked to perfection and the hashbrowns and bacon worked well with the other flavours.  It would easily have been the biggest burger we’ve ever seen and would be well suited to sharing with someone else, but is one we’d order again without doubt (though we would ask them to withhold a little of the cheese).

I was brave and tried a little of the camel burger but must admit, it wasn’t to my taste.  I found it to be too salty, but for all I know, that could be how camel should be served.  I’m not very adventurous with my food so really enjoying it was always going to be a long shot!

uturn abu dhabi burgersAll in all, the food at U-Turn was tasty, generously sized and great value for money.  The monster shakes were an awesome once-in-a-while treat and the burgers delicious.  The menu has a wide enough range to cater to most tastes, but even still, try to book your trip into U-Turn on a cheat day… there’s no point heading somewhere like this just to order a side salad and water!

uturn diner location

If you’re keen to check out the U-Turn diner for yourself (and we suggest you do), you’ll find them not too far from Al Wadha Mall.

Sunday – Thursday: 8a.m till 11:30p.m

Friday & Saturday: 8a.m till 11p.m

Please note their hours may change (due to Ramadan etc.) so give them a call if in doubt…

+971 2 666 8070
+971 2 666 8060

Thanks U-Turn for having us along!  Nathan and I both had a great evening munching on delicious food in a fun environment with great company.  As always, all views are our own.

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