The Best Free View in Abu Dhabi City (no strings attached!)

We love living in the UAE and though it’s not as expensive as many people imagine, there also wouldn’t be many that would describe it as cheap either.

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have spectacular views but unfortunately many of these places cost a small fortune to visit – some will let you in for free if you book a table or buy drinks but thanks to our friend Luke, we were out onto this little gem and it is absolutely free.

How many cities in the world have a spot like this where you can stand on the shore of a gorgeous beach, with turquoise blue water and a stunning city backdrop?


To access this photo stop, head towards Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi City, but turn to the right just before hand; it’s the Heritage Village that you’ve looking out for.

Once you arrive, walk directly through the Heritage Village (which will take you 30 seconds and is free of charge to visit) and you’ll find yourself on this gorgeous beach in no time. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to swim there but with a view like this, who cares!  If you have your heart set on swimming, make your way back over to the main island side once you’ve snapped your photos and in 5 minutes you’ll be enjoying the water.

What are your favourite UAE views?

PS: Whilst you’re there, swing by and see many of the skilled craftsmen in action and check out the museum too.

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