Skipping through Stockholm, Sweden

On my way to London recently, I had the opportunity to spend the day in Stockholm, Sweden and an opportunity like that couldn’t be missed!

Hunting out a well-priced fair saw me fly via Sweden on Norwegian.  They were significantly cheaper than the other airlines flying there and I was pleased with their service, especially the free wifi.  I would happily fly Norwegian again and recommend others consider doing so too.


Swedish Islands
Just some of the many islands that were visible from the plane as we prepared to land.


I arrived into Stockholm at 7am and easily found the bus into town.  Frequent buses and clear signs made getting in and old out the Old Town a cinch and once there, the city was easy to navigate on foot.  I had my pack (40L with me as I was only there for the day) and it was absolutely manageable walking around with it in tow.

Before leaving the airport, I got out a fair wad of cash as I’d heard horror stories about how expensive Scandinavia can be!  I’m pleased to report that it was nowhere near as expensive as I’d expected, so don’t let that put you off visiting.  With that said of course, as I didn’t spend the night there, I can’t speak as to the cost of accommodation.


Rugging up – Stockholm can sure get windy so be well-prepared with warm clothes.


The first signs of their real winter – I was lucky to get a little snow on the day that I was there, but not enough to settle on the ground, so I made do with ice!


I spent the morning wandering the streets and checking out the Christmas markets; what a magical time of year to be in that part of the world!  I had intentions to pop over to the maritime museum as it had fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor, but with the ferry out of action due to the winter season and the magic of the streets calling, I just spent the day walking around and taking in the sights of Old Town (known locally as Gamla Stan).

I loved hearing the locals cheerfully welcoming me with a ‘hej’ and trying to connect how on earth some of their spellings connected with their pronunciations; coming from an English-speaking background, a lot of the language was a bit of a puzzle to me, but fun all the same to be immersed in.


Christmas wreaths being sold at one of the many markets in Stockholm.


Food stockholm
Everywhere I turned in Stockholm, there was delicious food!


Old Town
A quiet street in Old Town, awaiting the start of the day.


My flight left in the early evening so by approximately 3pm I was back on my way to the airport, waiving goodbye to Sweden.  Though Stockholm is gorgeous and there’s plenty to see, it was smaller than I’d imagined it to be and a day there felt like long enough to get a relatively good feel for the city.  I would absolutely go back should the opportunity arise, but I don’t feel short changed for only spending a day there.

Have you spend time in this beautiful country?  If so, what did you think?

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  1. Jossus Travelpics says:

    I live in Sweden. If I were a tourist I would never come here, at least not as a solo female traveller(I dont even go out after dark). If you want to see the beautiful nature go to Norway or Finland instead of Sweden.

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