Murano and Burano – Venice’s Neighbouring Islands

Not far from Venice, amongst the most romantic of cities, lies a number of smaller but equally memorable towns.  If you’re got a little spare time up your sleeve, why not make a day of it and head over to Burano and Burano from Venice…


Murano feels like a glimpse into the Venice of years gone by; its cobbled streets, punctuated by a major canal are quieter than Venice, though the main ‘street’ feels equally geared towards tourists.

Well known for artisan glass blowing and design, many factories and shops on the island make and display trinkets ready to be taken home, with designs ranging anywhere from a couple of euros right up to incredibly detailed pieces going for astronomical figures.

Prices in this region are high but we managed to share a delicious pizza (and Nathan got a coffee) for €11 which is pretty cheap all things considered – if you’re wanting lunch during your visit, check out the cafes near the intersection of the canals.

Murano glassMurano glass

Burano, the smaller and quieter of the two similarly named islands, known for its brightly coloured buildings and its trade in lace clothing, is approximately 25 minutes from Murano by boat.

Though the lace is gorgeous, it was definitely the call of a photo opportunity that lured us over to this wee island.  By now you’ve probably seen photos of this brightly coloured village floating around online and thought there’s not much to do there, it’s worth a visit purely to soak it all in!

Burano is a sleepy fishing village with a difference, of that there is no doubt.

Burano coloured village
Burano coloured village
How do I get to Murano and Burano?

To get to Murano, take vaporetto number 3 from Piazzle Roma to Murano and then the number 12 onto Burano. You can also catch a ride to/from Piazza San Marco (or connect from your nearest stop) on a vaporetto – just check your nearest location below.

Venice Vaporetto MapThe vaporettos aren’t cheap but as you’ll be catching a minimum of three, get yourself a 24 hour transport pass for €20. It normally costs €8 a pop to ride on one of these water buses (you read that right!) so you’re saving yourself €4 right off the bat and will also have free public transport for the remainder of the time period. You can also buy your ticket in advance – the 24 hours only starts when you scan onto your first ride.

Venice Vaporetto

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