Instagram Intensive – How to Build an Authentic Following, Fast!

Grow Instagram Following

Instagram can be an amazing way for travel bloggers to to connect with fellow travellers (both bloggers and the everyday-run-of-the-mill-amazing-travellers) and strike up meaningful relationships with people you’d otherwise never cross paths with.

It’s also a fantastic way to connect with brands and help influence the way people travel.  If you’ve had an incredible experience, there’s often no better way than to show it visually, but with a small following, how can you ensure your content gets out in front of the right people to actually make a difference?

We used these strategies to grow our Instagram account from a personal one (where I literally posted snaps of my cats and home renovation – exciting, right?) to a fairly successful travel blogging Insta account with over 42,000 followers.

If we can do it, you can too!


7 thoughts on “Instagram Intensive – How to Build an Authentic Following, Fast!

    • Sarah - Exploring Kiwis says:

      Hopefully some of them help! Your account is looking fab – what’s not to like about Hawaii right? 😀 Don’t be afraid to follow other accounts that are travel related – there’s nothing wrong with subtly popping up on their screen to introduce yourself in my opinion. Sometimes people just don’t know what they don’t know. Looks like you’re doing a great job with hashtags too! If you did want to you could try to choose a similar editing style across your photos so there’s cohesion even if the colours are different – I like the main ‘lux’ option for mine to make them nice and bright and bring out the highlights on water etc.

      • Carissa says:

        I have such issues staying to one editing style because I love them all for different photos! But I should really make a point of picking a few edits or filters and sticking to them. Thank you for the advice! I think I will soon be devoting an entire day a week to instagram and networking.

  1. Erika says:

    Hi! I followed you and I still haven’t received the password to read you article. Will you delete this comment once you reconcile the problem? Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    So many great ideas, I’ve been looking for ways to grow the account organically and will definitely try updating my hashtags and looking at other comparable accounts for travelers! I would love to get your advice about how to create a “look” when I’m posting pics of places I’m visiting – I can’t get my head around that one as every place is different (obviously) and if the places aren’t all the same, how do I make the pictures all ‘feel’ the same? All suggestions welcome, thank you in advance!!

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