Escape Rooms: Thinking Outside of the Box

Every day, all around the world, people are paying to be locked in a room.  Ten years ago this concept would have been unheard of but now escape rooms are featured in most major cities and heck are they fun!

We’ve been through a number of escape rooms in Europe now, each and every one unique but all include a series of challenges and puzzles that test even the most practical, logical thinkers (and the odd relationship).

Whilst in Belgrade, we scanned TripAdvisor for some inspiration and instantly decided it was time to try our hand at another escape room.  When one room in particular was mentioned over and over, the decision became clear and with a quick email we had booked into the Robin Hood room at EscapeMania.

Escape Room belgrade Escape Mania

We’re never quite sure what to expect as we cross through the door into one of these rooms – cold war spies, pirates, jail breaks, mafia and cyber terrorism, each room we’ve encountered has been originally themed with puzzles that bring out a range of emotions, at times teetering between enjoyment and hair-tearing frustration (in the best possible way).  With that said, there’s nothing like the thrill of finally connecting two clues that at first look unrelated or cracking that code you’ve been stuck on!

Though themed and executed differently, each escape room required you to think in a logical manner to find clues, solve puzzles and generally think outside of the box.  Each time we’ve tried our hand at figuring a room out, we’ve worked through the full range of emotions, sworn countless times and proclaimed we’ll never put ourselves through it again… needless to say, our frustration doesn’t last long and before you know it, we’ve signed up to do another.  We may just be escape room addicts!

At EscapeMania in Belgrade, you have the choice of two rooms, Robin Hood or Voodoo Tales.  Robin Hood, the room that we selected is the most popular one there and incredibly well themed.  As one of Robin Hood’s merry men, you’re tasked with finding King Richard’s crown which has been hidden away by the scheming Prince John and to make things more difficult, you’ve only got an hour before he returns!

This particular room had a number of fantastic surprises and was incredibly challenging at times – though it would be suitable for first-time escapees (thanks to the awesome team who will help point you in the right direction if you get really stuck), it will also give long-time escape room fans a real run for their money!

By contrast, Voodoo Tales is set in a witches hut where a curse has been laid – as the story goes, anyone that doesn’t manage their escape within an hour will meet an untimely end.

We can’t give too much away about the Robin Hood room as the puzzles and incredible theming are what make it so special.  We can say that you’ll be challenged and supported as you make your way through the room and will come out the other end buzzing about your achievement – even if you don’t quite make it through in the given time!

We can’t recommend EscapeMania enough – if you’re in Belgrade be sure to get in touch with them to lock your time in.  Doing so will only cost you back 4000 Serbian dinars, which is approximately €32.50 (regardless of your group size) – this is a significant saving on what an escape room would set you back outside of Europe and offers great value for money.

We love trying our hand in escape rooms as we travel around and can’t wait for the next one!

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Thank you to Severin and the team at EscapeMania for so warmly welcoming us through the Robin Hood room.  We had the best time trying to figure our way out of the room – as always, all thoughts are our own.

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