Lune Production: Hoi An’s Must-See Cultural Cirque Stage Show!

Hoi An is now home to Lune Production, an incredible group of artists combining the best of modern dance, circus arts and traditional Vietnamese story telling.  Is it one of the top tourist activities in Central Vietnam though?  We certainly think so!

Set inside a custom-built dome tent, encased in modern geometric bamboo designs, the Lune Production theatre glows on Hoi An’s riverside.  Seating just shy of 300 guests, each and every spot in this intimate theatre offers amazing views of the performers.

Every night, dozens of professional singers, dancers, musicians and cirque performers take to the stage, ready to wow tourists with modern takes on different traditional Vietnamese ways of life.

We’ve literally never seen anything like A O.

Perfectly timed and choreographed, we enjoyed an hour of breathtaking performances.  Incredible displays of strength, flexibility, grace and skill, we picked our jaws up off the floor on a number of occasions.

Combine all that with catchy music, creative props, well-placed humour and minimalist staging (so the performances have a chance to really shine) and you’re onto a winner!

What is the A O Show’s Storyline?

We don’t want to ruin any surprises for you but a little heads-up can’t hurt…

The story of A O follows the lives of those living in a Vietnamese fishing community in the Mekong.  From the inception of the community through to more recent urbanisation, the audience follows their daily ups and downs, all in the most creative of ways.

This is the most extraordinary show I’ve seen in quite a while. Tuan Le has captured this culture and elevated my theater-going experience by taking me on a journey of beauty, love and time.

– Stefan Haves – Cirque Director, Cirque Du Soleil, Los Angeles

How Much Does a Ticket to A O by Lune Production Cost?

Tickets to A O range from VND630,000 (USD27.15/NZD40) to VND1,470,000 (USD63.30/NZD93.25).  Though there’s no doubt that the pricier seats would be incredible, we were very happy with our ooh! [O] Zone tickets and would happily recommend the entry-level seats to those travelling on a budget.

With three different locations in Vietnam (Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon and two theatres in Hanoi), each offering a unique cultural show, it’s easy to fit a Lune Production show in whilst holidaying in South-East Asia.  Should you have lots of time up your sleeve (and a fairly healthy budget), we’d definitely recommend taking in the first show available to you – if we had our time again, we’d have happily booked ourselves into a second.

When you’ve seen one, you’ll want to see them all!

If you’re off to Hoi An, pin this post so you don’t forget about the show you just have to see!

Thank you to Lune Production for supplying the images used in this post and to the Quang Nam Tourism Board for recommending and organising our tickets to AO.  As always, all thoughts are absolutely our own.

Lune Production: Hoi An’s Must-See Cultural Cirque Stage Show!

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