Handsdown, The Best Desserts in Abu Dhabi

The Best Desserts in Abu Dhabi

Desserts in Abu Dhabi are serious business.  With such stiff competition and so many residents harbouring a sweet tooth, it’s not surprising to find that the quality of dessert treats in the city is exceptionally high.

If you’re looking a sweet addition to your day, read on to discover the best desserts in Abu Dhabi.  The best part is they’re all takeaway options so you don’t even need to get dressed up.

L’Artisan Gourmand

If you’re looking for decadent, uniquely beautiful eclairs, you can’t go past L’Artisan Gourmand.  Each pastry is an absolute work of art, overflowing with perfectly balanced flavour.  With flavours like passion flower, macchiato, Madagascar vanilla, pistachio and salted caramel, these are so much more than your standard eclairs.

Seriously, look at them – it’s no wonder they’re widely considered amongst the best desserts in Abu Dhabi.

Though the pastries are the main drawcard to L’Artisan Gourmand, they offer a fantastic range of additional products – tender macarons (literally the biggest we’ve ever seen with lovely little macaron feet), chocolate covered dates and a selection of carefully crafted teas and infusions; all perfect to take home for an afternoon snack.

Brownie Blues

Gooey, fudgey, flavourful and delivered fresh to your door; courier deliveries do not come sweeter than this!  Brownie Blues takes one of your favourite comfort desserts and ramps them up a level with flavours like red velvet, rocky road, ferrero rocher and peanut brownie.  As amazing as they are fresh, the classic is even better warmed up with a little ice cream.

Available in single servings of boxes big enough to share, there are plenty of options, all as delicious as the next… and the best part?  You don’t even need to get out of you PJs!

Nata Lisboa

Looking for perfectly formed pastry treat in Abu Dhabi?  Creamy, delicate custard combined with crunchy, light pastry these traditional Portuguese tarts from Nata Lisboa will put a smile on your dial.  Served with icing sugar and cinnamon, they’re absolutely delicious and can be served as sweet as you like with a little sprinkle from each sachet.

We’ve not tasted the real thing in Europe but we’ve heard from a number of people that there’s literally no difference between these tarts and the originals in Portugal and in my books that makes them even better (as we can pop down to the WTC Mall and pick up a box anytime we like)!

Fresh Bakes Cafe

Tucked away in a local mall, Fresh Bakes Cafe has well and truely won Nathan over with their cupcakes which is no small feat.  We’ve popped in store a few times now and every time the cupcakes have been perfectly cooked, moist and flavourful.

With a massive range of flavours, there’s something for everyone. The jaffa dark chocolate, apple biscoff and strawberry lemonade were all standouts but I don’t think you could go wrong with any flavour choice!

Their menu extends far beyond cupcakes with delicious cookies, cheesecakes, muffins and a full service mains offering – if you’re floating around Khalifa City, make sure you stop by Fresh Bakes Cafe.

Ready for your sugar fix?  You can’t go wrong with any of the above recommendations – trust us, we’ve sampled plenty of desserts over the years!

What our your Abu Dhabi favourites?

PS: If you’re looking for an amazing eat-in option, check out Tamba!

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Best Desserts in Abu Dhabi

We have no association to any of the above businesses, we just love desserts!

2 thoughts on “Handsdown, The Best Desserts in Abu Dhabi

  1. Julie @ FuninFairfaxVA says:

    Funny, when I first read the title I thought it said deserts. I was happily surprised to see these gorgeous photos of tasty desserts in Abu Dhabi. Is it wrong to want to visit a place just for the eclairs.;) Jk, but you’ve added to the list of reasons to visit.

  2. wanderingwagarschristina says:

    I definitely have a sweet tooth and I tend to indulge more while traveling. Looks like I may gain a lot of weight when we are in Abu Dhabi. These all looks so good. I haven’t had Portguese tarts since going to Belem a couple of years ago so Nata Lisboa would probably be my first sweet stop.

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