7 Beautiful Experiences In Sweden

Known for varied geography including islands, lakes, mountains, and forests, Sweden can rightly be called one of the prettiest nations in Scandinavia, if not all of Europe. It often gets lumped in with the other Scandinavian countries it certainly stands on its own two feet as a worthwhile holiday destination.  Once you take a closer look however, it’s pretty clear that Sweden is an irresistible destination for many (and potentially a new addition to your travel bucket list!)

This is that closer look – specifically at seven incredibly beautiful experiences you can have in Sweden.

Tour Lund Cathedral

It’s always interesting when a country’s main attraction isn’t in the capital, and that may be the case with Sweden. Though you’ll hear a lot about Drottningholm Palace as a top attraction in Stockholm, Lund Cathedral is more unique and in its own way, more impressive.

Inspired by the Romans, the cathedral was consecrated in 1145 and still stands proudly – and even actively – today. It’s incredible to think that the cathedral has housed services daily for close to 900 years!

Walk The Göta Canal

The Göta Canal stretches across southern Sweden, running for nearly 200km. That alone makes it impressive, but it’s the charms and sights along the way that make it an unmissable tourist stop.

While walking the entire length of the canal may be somewhat ambitious, even a portion of it will introduce you to lovely small towns, pretty waterside scenes and an authentic introduction to the country.

Visit Gotland

Gotland is one of many Swedish islands on the Baltic Sea and the one most tourists choose to prioritise. It’s not merely a little stretch of nature – the town of Visby is a legitimate city (and a great place to stay for a night or two).

Vast countryside, farms, beaches and even seaside woodland make parts of the island seem as if they’re far removed from civilisation, providing the perfect little getaway.

Explore Stockholm

There’s just a tonne to do in Stockholm!

It’s where you’ll find the aforementioned Drottningholm Palace, as well as many other historical landmarks. For fans of nature there’s a wildlife reserve that effectively provides an imitation of an African safari and for those seeking more modern entertainment, the city is home to museums, restaurants, bars, clubs and casinos (which is somewhat surprising given that the mobile gaming industry is being led by Sweden).  Stockholm is also known as being LGBT friendly which is just fabulous!

It’s a surprisingly modern city, disguised as a gorgeous old-time town.

Above all else though, Stockholm is a pretty capital to explore and one that deserves more attention.

Hike Abisko National Park

This expansive national park is a little difficult to get to. Your best bet is to fly to the town of Kiruna, from which you can take a bus or train ride the remaining 100km or so into the park. Once there however you’re in for a unique natural treat.

It’s a perfect picture of wild Scandinavian beauty and during the summer the sun stays up virtually all day. That alone makes for a unique hiking spot!

Scale Turning Torso

Turning Torso is a twisted skyscraper in Malmo (and arguably the top modern attraction in the country); it’s the tallest building in Malmo and all of Sweden, and the 60th tallest in Europe.

That doesn’t exactly place it among the world’s engineering wonders from a height perspective but it does make it uniquely interesting to visit within Sweden.  At the end of the day, it’s a pretty building and scaling it means you can enjoy unrivalled views from the top!

See The Northern Lights

The northern lights are an unreliable tourist attraction in that you can never be completely sure when you’ll see them or how they’ll look. However, northern Sweden is just about as good a place as any to give it a shot.

There are various places to go for a chance to witness this unusual and beautiful natural phenomenon, and Abisko National Park may just be one of your best shots!

When those lights start dancing in front of your eyes, I guarantee you’ll have a hard time tearing yourself away from those Swedish skies!

With so much on offer in Sweden, regardless of the season, we’d certainly recommend booking a visit to this stunning Scandi country!

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