Vacation 101: The Perfect Cruise for Everyone

Thanks to the introduction of mega-ships, innovative changes onboard and a change of clientele, cruises are now genuinely an incredible holiday option for literally everyone.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it onboard a cruise ship and at the amazing ports they visit.

Can any one vacation option really suit everyone though?

If you’re looking at a modern cruise ship, the answer is a resounding yes and we’re here to explain why…


Travelling as a backpacker on a tight budget can be a challenge.  With accommodation, transport, food and activities all to be accounted for, costs can quickly escalate, having a serious impact of once-healthy bank balances.

After pricing flights and accommodation in the Caribbean, it quickly became obvious that a cruise presented excellent value for money.  Going it alone was going to cost us thousands upon thousands (and that was before we accounted for any food or activities) whereas, by comparison, a cruise was an absolute steal!

With all food, accommodation and transport prepaid, budget travellers can kick their feet back and finally unwind.

There’s an added bonus too.  If you’ve ever travelled as a long-term backpacker, you’ll appreciate the ease of letting someone else get you from A to B for a chance and the beauty of being able to put your bag down for a good week before having to repack – bliss!  

Can you think of a better way to enjoy Caribbean diving, snorkelling, sightseeing and relaxing, all without having to worry about your transport of accommodation?

Pro Tip: If you’re happy to forgo a view, the interior stateroom offers the best value.  Alternatively, an oceanview stateroom is the most affordable room with a view of the outside world.


With the setting sun on the horizon and the sea at your back, there’s not much more romantic than a cruise around the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Add to that a world-class spa treatment, unlimited cocktails, picture-perfect beaches and pristine water and you literally have the dream honeymoon lined up!

Though the days of cruises being for ‘the newly-wed and the nearly-dead’ are long gone, they’re still as good as ever for lovebirds.

Whether you’re newly married or not, be sure to head along to the Newlywed Game for maximum laughs!

Young Families

Travelling with children is seldom relaxing for parents but when a holiday comes in the form of a cruise, there’s absolutely no reason for that to be the case.

With child-friendly meals whipped up in an instant, engaging kids club activities and fully trained staff on board at all times, holiday stress is entirely removed!

Larger ships can even come complete with basketball courts, rock climbing, waterslides and more – why you’d ever want to leave the boat is beyond me.

If you’re travelling with kids in-tow, get onboard quickly, scope out the kids club schedule and book yourself a little downtime in the process.  Be sure to allow plenty of family time too though – that’s when the best holiday memories are made.

Adults Wanting to Let Off Steam

Just as families come aboard for a good time, there’s plenty of activities and offerings just awaiting the more ‘adult’ side of fun.

With a range of bars, world-class restaurants, theatrical presentations, interactive shows and fully-functioning casinos onboard, modern cruise ships serve well as adult playgrounds.

Get a group of friends and/or family together, grab your unlimited drink packages and get ready to let off some steam in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Just be sure to get yourself off the ship occasionally to enjoy your stunning port days.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Mature Travellers

With transport already taken care of, mobility-friendly lifts and ramps throughout the ships and a range of tried-and-tested shore excursions to fit all levels of fitness, mature travellers that might have once hung up their suitcases can continue their adventures far beyond what they once did.

Modern cruise ships offer an amazing array of organised activities, allowing passengers to entertain themselves without stepping foot on land (should they wish to have a quiet day in).

With friendly crew members, happy to go above and beyond, a cruise is the perfect option for those that need a little extra assistance whilst on vacation.

Lazy Travellers

Looking to kick back and relax?

Cruise ships visit some of the most incredible parts of the world.  There, guests are spoilt for choice with drop-dead-gorgeous beaches and quaint towns to wander aimlessly through.

If all else fails, there’s never a shortage of sun-beds available on the top deck and a number of swimming pools just waiting to cool passengers off.

Add to that, food and transport is organised for you (and all at one low price) and you won’t once need to repack and move on.

We’re more relaxed just thinking about it!

Active Travellers

The beauty of the modern one-size-fits-all cruise is that passengers can be as busy or as lazy as they like.

And for those that like to stay active, there’s really no shortage of activities on offer!

Fully equipped gyms, fitness classes, running tracks, swimming pools and a massive selection of shore excursions (plus the ability to organise your own directly, should you prefer), the only thing holding travellers back from being flat-out all day is their own energy levels.

With incredible cruises the world over, booking a trip onboard has benefits for the entire family.

Whether you’re young or old, active or looking to relax, there’s a place onboard for you.

The days or stereotypical cruising are long gone.  Modern ships are absolutely incredible, offering passengers incredible levels of innovation and enjoyment.

What are you waiting for?!

It’s time to get booking these excellent cruise deals!

Photos courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.

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