Travelling Light

Neither of us have ever been particularly heavy packers; often when we go away with others, we end up having some of the smallest and lightest bags there.  With that said, we are guilty of brining enough ‘stuff’ to fill whatever bag(s) we take – it’s human nature!

For our end of year trip, we’re making the effort to travel only with carry on bags… that’s right, we won’t be checking a thing.

We’ll be moving from our Macpac packs to the Osprey Farpoint 40 which will literally be half the size of our old packs.


I ordered my Farpoint 40 in the S/M frame and (from my quick try-on) it seems to be the perfect fit for me (I’m 5’5″ and relatively well built for a senorita).  We’re going to do a run through to see just how much we can fit into it before deciding upon a bag for Nathan, but chances are we’ll end up with the same thing, and look to add a tote bag into the mix to allow us to take our snorkelling gear away with us.

There are a few reasons why we’ve decided to try our hand at travelling light (and not just because we’re mad)….

Firstly, we’re hoping to save money by doing so.  When flying on low cost carriers, extra baggage fees can certainly start adding up.  We’ve got four flights that charge for checked in baggage (only our main return flight to LA and then the onwards leg to Guatemala includes checked baggage) and calculating the cost of a checked bag each on four international flights suddenly makes our cheap flights look not-so-bargain-basement!

By avoiding checking our baggage, we’re able to minimise our connection times (which in our case, will not only save us time, but money as well).  We have just under two hours to get off our flight in LAX and connection through to our next international flight.  If we were to check our bags, not only would we need to wait for our baggage to find its way to us on the conveyer belt, but we’d potentially get stuck behind a longer line of passengers to get through customs, before having to then check in three hours before our next flight… considering we’re only landing with two hours between the two, this clearly isn’t going to work!  With that in mind, we have two options; we can spend a day in LA (which would result in one less day in Guatemala, and though we love LA having been there only a year ago, it’s not top of our list) and pay for a nights accommodation in the US, or we can carry our bags onboard, allowing us to hop through customs quickly and jump on our night flight with minimal fuss.  As we’ll be carrying on, we’re able to check in online and arrive an hour before the flight – yay!

By traveling with less gear, we’ll be more comfortable when walking around with our packs and will be able to keep a better eye on our things.  We’ve been really fortunate whilst travelling but having read many blogs talking about bits and pieces going missing whilst bags are stored away on buses, it can’t hurt to keep our gear close by.

With all that said, we often travel with a number of things that never make it out of our suitcases or packs which just doesn’t make much sense!

For those of you interested, I’ll be sure to post a photo showing how many goodies fit in my new bag.

Do you have a much-loved piece of luggage?  If so, please share the love with us all!

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