10 Things to Do in Prague in December: Christmas Markets and So Much More!

This guide is designed to help you figure out the very best things to do in Prague in December.  An ideal time to visit, tourists and locals alike enjoy Christmas cheer in this magical European winter wonderland. 

The following suggestions will help you to maximise your time in the capital (and largest city) of the Czech Republic, during the festive season.

Prague is rated as one of the best cities to visit in Europe and though it’s gorgeous at any time of year, it is especially stunning when the snow falls and temperatures drop.  Prague in December is simply breathtaking.

Every season in Prague offers something different but Christmas time is, hands town, the best time to visit this fairytale city.  There are so many things to do in Prague in December, when the city is looking its festive best!

It’s clear that Prague in December is magical, but what exactly should you do whilst visiting this European wonder?

Let us help you plan your itinerary…

Our Favourite Things to Do in Prague in December

  1. Visit the Christmas Markets – The Highlight of Prague in December!

If there’s one thing, and one thing only you do in Prague during your winter visit, it has to be a visit to the Christmas markets.

Hailing from the Southern Hemisphere (where Christmas falls in the summertime), Christmas markets are a bit of a novelty to this Kiwi, but I really do believe, there’s nothing better in the festive season!

Prague hosts two major Christmas markets, both an easy 5 minute stroll from one another; the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square markets.

Enjoy strolling through Prague as choirs sing and Christmas music drifts through the crowds.  Soak up the incomparable atmosphere that comes with Europe at this time of year and enjoy the festive decorations and smells.

Complete with mulled wine, bratwurst, all sorts of chocolate treats, Hungarian chimney bread (kürtőskalács), Christmas decorations and gifts to take home, Prague in December really does offer the full Christmas market experience.

There are also a number of smaller markets which you may come across as you’re wandering around Prague so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

  1. Walk the Charles Bridge

Built in 1357, the Charles Bridge is a historic structure that crosses the Vltava river.  At 516m long and almost 10m wide (complete with 16 arches), the bridge is as impressive as it is large.  On either side, you’ll find a number of gorgeous bridge tours, along with 30 baroque statues lining both sides of the bridge.

The bridge is a real tourist hotspot.  There, you’ll find countless vendors, artists and musicians, all vying for your attention (and your Czech crowns).  Whether you’re looking to buy souvenirs, take in a show, or to simply wander, no visit to Prague in December (or at any time of year, for that matter) is complete without crossing this historic landmark at least a couple of times!

  1. Check out the John Lennon Wall

One of the most popular (and accessible) of all things to do in Prague, is to pay a visit to the John Lennon Wall.

With an interesting past, the wall’s history is almost as colourful as the facade itself is today.

Once a part of the compound of the Knights of Malta, the wall began to serve as a place of text-based protest from 1948.  In the 60s it was informally renamed the ‘Crying Wall’ where text-based visual protests remained alongside lyrics and drawings.

When in 1980, the unthinkable happened and John Lennon was murdered, the Crying Wall became a natural place for locals to let air their thoughts, frustrations and sadness over his passing.

Since then, a continuous rotation of art, musings and graffiti have been layered on top of one another – only now the wall is widely recognised as the John Lennon Wall.

Having visited the wall twice, a few years apart, I can attest firsthand to the change that happens on the wall.

Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth swinging by the Lennon Wall whilst you’re in Prague – you never know what new artwork you’ll spot.

  1. Warm Up with a Traditional Goulash Soup

Let’s face it, as you’re wandering around Prague in December, you’re sure to get cold (regardless of how good your jacket is!)

To warm up, we suggest heading into a restaurant and tucking into a bread-bowl of fresh goulash soup – a traditionally tasty meal in the region.

Made with beef and a paprika-filled broth, and served in a hollowed-out bread bowl, it’s just what your tummy will be calling for.

If you really love it, you might even like to pick up some paprika whilst you’re hunting out the best things to do in Prague, so you can make a delicious goulash soup at home!

  1. Admire the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral – A Highlight of All of the Things to Do in Prague in December

The most beautiful builds in the city and definite must-do’s on your ‘things to do in Prague’ wishlist – December or not – these buildings are beyond stunning!

Perched at the top of the the hill, just along from Petřín Park (more on this next up), these two buildings are found in the same area.

Though both are stunning, it’s the St. Vitus Cathedral that takes my breath away each and every time.

The largest and most important temple in all of Prague, the St. Vitus Cathedral is treasured by locals and visitors alike.  It took almost 600 years to build this incredible church and it shows in the details.  Every corner is a treasure-trove for the senses!

  1. Wander Petřín Park

Regardless of the time of year you visit, Petřín Park is the perfect way to break up your city exploration.

Overlooking Prague, this tree-lined park offers countless walking tracks and weaves its way from one part of town to another.

To access Petřín Park, you’re certainly able to walk, or do as we did and catch the funicular up and then head by foot through the park, back towards the old city walls.

  1. Get Lost in the Mirror Maze at Petřín Park

Though not something I’d be in a hurry to do in the summer time, the mirror maze at Petřín Park again offers respite from the chill outside in December.

The maze itself is fairly easy to complete but it makes for some fun photos all the same.

Best of all, it was free of charge with our Prague Cards!

  1. Admire Prague’s Stunning Old Buildings

There’s really no need to say much about how stunning Prague’s architecture is – the pictures speak for themselves!

With stunning buildings around every corner, you’ll want to have your camera within easy reach.

  1. Hail a Vintage Car and See Prague from the Road – Warm Up as you Visit Prague in December

Whilst checking out all of the things to do in Prague in December, you’ll notice vintage cars rolling around the streets.

To escape the cold wintery air as you explore Prague in the festive season, you might like to consider hiring a classic to explore the sights in comfort.

  1. Take in the Sunset from the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower

Standing proud in the middle of the town square, you’ll find the Prague Astronomical Clock.  Build it 1410, complete with a zodiac clock, this is the oldest working astronomical timepiece in the world.

The clock itself is stunning and is a real icon of old-town Prague.

Every hour on the hour, the clock sounds off and springs to life, so be sure to mull around the main square if you’re clock to the turn of the hour.

Though the clock is interesting from the ground, it’s even more impressive from the top!

Tickets are available to take you right to the top of the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower (complete with a funky, modern lift).

From the top, you’ll enjoy stunning views out over the city (including the Christmas markets if you’re lucky enough to visit Prague in December or January) and an even more spectacular sunset if you time your visit right.

Not only is this one of the top things to do in Prague in December, it provides great views at any time of year!

Getting Around Prague in December

Though Prague is an incredibly walkable city, when the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall, it’s nice to have some respite from the cold.

The city is well connected with a metro system, buses and trams – all of which are easy to use and affordable.  At the time of our travels, we were able to use our Prague Card to access them free of charge.

The Prague Card no longer includes free public transport but you can either pay as you go or pick up an affordable multi-day transport card locally.

Where to Stay in Prague During the Festive Season

Having now stayed on both sides of the river, I’m confident recommending one spot in particular.

During our most recent visit to Prague we stayed at Miss Sophie’s New Town – a funky little boutique hotel, right in New Town Prague.

Miss Sophie’s New Town – Fun and Comfort in the Heart of Prague

With a range of rooms to suit groups of most sizes, Miss Sophie’s New Town is fun, quirky and super comfortable.

We found the staff to be incredibly helpful, pointing out all of the best local restaurants and hotspots.  They even went as far as to phone around local shops (and acting as translators), to help us find one thing in particular – how’s that for service?!

Though our room wasn’t particularly large, it was comfortable and well-appointed.  The beds were snuggly (and came with plenty of pillows!) and the heating did a great job of keeping us toasty warm.

It was a great little haven to return to after a busy day of exploration.

We loved the little personal touches in the room and enjoyed digging into the complimentary snack box – it really hit the spot after a morning of travel!

The Perfect Hotel Location

Initially I’d wanted to be back in the Old Town, as we were last time, but as it turns out, the location couldn’t have been better.

Staying in a more local part of town meant that the restaurants were much more affordable (and the food was tastier) and we were away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy spots.  Instead, we jumped on public transport (which was easy to navigate) to head into the buzzing Old Town, as and when we wanted to.

The Best Way to Unwind Durning Prague’s Winter Season

After a big day of checking out the best things to do in Prague, there’s no better way to relax than with your own personal spa session!

For a very reasonable fee, you’re able to add a Miss Sophie’s wellness session to your stay – and trust me, it’s well worth it.

With a bubbling spa-pool, a sauna, rain shower, lots of lovely snacks and snuggly dressing gowns, it’s easy to forget your worries in the basement of Miss Sophie’s.  If you’re brave, there’s even a cold-water dump bucket to invigorate your senses.

For 90 minutes, you’ll have the run of the room and be able to relax in absolute privacy.  I warn you though, you’ll wish you had the room for even longer!

Though Prague is a fairytale town at any time of year, there is something specially magical about it in the festive season.

With so many fantastic things to to there, to fit all budgets, it’s the perfect city to explore whilst soaking up local culture and fun.

Is there anything better than Prague at Christmas time? Pin this post to return to the best things to do there in December.

Thank you to Miss Sophie’s New Town for hosting our accommodation and to Prague City Tourism for providing us with Prague Cards.  All thoughts in this post are our own.

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