A Complete Guide to the Best Tourist Places in Jaipur

The following guide to the best tourist places in Jaipur is brought to you by Charlotte of Our Taste For Life.  Together, Charlotte and Natalie have travelled extensively around Rajasthan, making them experts in this incredible capital city. 

If you’re heading to Jaipur, this guide to the best tourist spots is for you!

Jaipur is one of the most exciting and magical cities in all of India. Packed to bursting with architectural wonders, from opulent palaces to ancient forts, you’ll find enough tourist places in Jaipur to keep you occupied for days on end.

At the same time, you’ll experience the epitome of organised chaos, whereby humans, wildlife and vehicles fight for their space amidst the bustling metropolis.

Famed for being the pink city, as a result of its signature terracotta architecture, Jaipur is rich in both culture and history. Being the capital city of Rajasthan, many consider it to be an essential place to visit in India. Jaipur also forms part of the ever-popular Golden Triangle India Itinerary, so you are never short of tourists (and tourism activities) in the city.

After spending some time backpacking in Jaipur last year, we can share what we consider to be the top 10 places to visit in Jaipur. From where to eat and where to stay, to ticking off all the top tourist places in Jaipur, this guide has everything you need to have a truly fantastic time.

The Best Tourist Places in Jaipur

Architectural wonders, historical landmarks, photography hotspots, and buzzing markets all make up the top tourist places in Jaipur.

Here are our 10 favourite things to do in the city.

  1. Amber Palace

Opulent Amber Palace is one of the most impressive architectural structures to be found in Jaipur. The complex was once home to the cities Royal Family, and in true Rajasthani style, there were no holds barred in its extravagance. Constructed in red and yellow sandstone and white marble, the palace is one of many UNESCO Heritage Sites scattered around the city.

It is common to hear several names being thrown around when talking about the palace. Also referred to as the Amber Fort or Amer Palace, you can give any of these names to your driver and they will know where to take you.

Inside the palace complex, you will find a series of gardens, courtyards, and rooms, all equally beautiful as the structure itself.

Unfortunately, there is one disappointing factor about the Amber Palace, and that is that they promote elephant rides into the grounds. I’m sure most of you are aware of the horrors behind animal tourism, but if not, please educate yourself before taking part in such activities.

Nevertheless, Amber Palace is one of the top tourist places in Jaipur.  We just ask that you don’t support elephant riding on your visit.

  1. Amer Fort Viewpoint

If you are seeking somewhat of a hidden gem in Jaipur, the Amer Fort Viewpoint was our favourite spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Located across the way from Amber Palace, the various watchtowers offer a breathtaking vista of the fortress and lake below. Often you’ll find flocks of pigeons swarming the grounds, only enhancing the view and adding to the magic.

To reach the viewpoint, you must first tackle some pretty challenging stairs. While it’s not a long hike, it’ll certainly set the heart rate soaring, particularly in the heat. Thankfully, not many people tend to visit this spot, so you’ll get to enjoy the view in peace. Such tranquillity can be hard to find in strenuous Jaipur, so we suggest making the most of it while you can.

The Amer Fort is genuinely one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.

  1. Nahargarh Fort

To check out one of the best sunset spots in Jaipur, I suggest making a beeline for Nahargarh Fort one late afternoon of your trip.

It’s a bit of a trek to get there, especially in a tuk-tuk which often struggle for speed on the steep winding road to the fort’s entrance. However, the awe-inspiring view over the city of Jaipur is unrivalled, in my opinion.

Historically, the magnificent fortress built in the Aravali mountains helped form a defence wall around the old city. The name ‘Nahargarh’ translates to ‘Tiger Fort’ in English, so I can only assume that tigers once roamed those same mountains. You can almost imagine the scene as you stand atop the ancient fort.

Take the urban jungle out of the equation and Jaipur is still a compelling desert city.

If you arrive at the fort before sunset, you can check out a wax museum and gallery located inside. Otherwise, the highlight is walking the perimeter of the fort and finding yourself a spot to watch one of the best sunsets in India.

I have to say, one of the only advantages of pollution in Jaipur is that it makes for a pretty epic sunset!

  1. The Jaipur City Palace

Located in the heart of the Pink City, the City Palace is probably number one on the list of tourist places in Jaipur. It is the Jaipur attraction that every local, website and guidebook advises you to see.  However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a priority on your list of things to do.

First, allow me to explain. A UNESCO listed building and residence to Jaipur’s royal family, there is no denying the beauty of the palace complex. On the other hand, we couldn’t help but feel it was a little bit of a tourist trap. After paying a hefty entrance fee relative to other attractions in India (USD10), we expected the price to be justified. However, we were disappointed to learn we could only access certain areas of the complex. If you want to access all areas, you can expect to pay around RS2000, equivalent to USD25.

What’s more, while exploring the grounds, we were constantly hassled to buy something – whether it be a postcard or an expensive piece of artwork. It felt exploitative, and we didn’t appreciate this side of it.

If you’re interested in the history of Jaipur or enjoy photography, perhaps you will have a better experience than we did. But if you’re on a budget, I suggest you save the entrance fee and put it towards other places to visit in Jaipur.

  1. Patrika Gate

Jaipur is one of the most photographed cities in India.  While Insta-worthy opportunities await you at every turn, some spots are more well-known than others. With this in mind, I’m sure the iconic Patrika Gate needs little introduction.

The vibrant design of the monument is every photographer’s dream. While its beauty is enough to inject wanderlust into all who see it.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the gate serves as an entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden.

Set 10km outside of the city centre, the gardens serve as a peaceful retreat from the urban jungle. On the other hand, don’t expect to be alone at the gate unless you arrive super early.

Nonetheless, sightseeing in Jaipur isn’t complete without having your photo taken at Patrika Gate – it is a real high light of all of the places to visit in Jaipur.

  1. Galta Ji Temple

Galta Ji, otherwise known as the Monkey Temple, was one of our favourite places to visit in Jaipur.

We visited a lot of temples during our time in India; however, Galta Ji was one of the most unusual.

Set amidst the mountains of Jaipur, the monkey temple earned its nickname as a result of the thousands of Rhesus Macaques that occupy the grounds. You’ll often find tourists feeding the monkeys, so to carry food is at your peril. The monkeys may look cute, but we’ve seen them snatch food out of peoples hands. You’ve been warned!

Sometimes you may hear Galta Ji referred to as the Hanuman Temple – after the Hindu monkey god.

Devotees consider the temple to be a sacred pilgrimage. If you visit throughout the day, you can expect to find locals bathing in the seven holy baths. Remember, this is a precious & personal moment for them. One we are privileged to witness. So please act respectfully at all times.

Taking photos of locals bathing is not appreciated, and I would avoid doing so unless you are given permission.

  1. Hawa Mahal

One of the most recognisable buildings in all of India, the Hawa Mahal is considered the crown jewel of Jaipur. Built in the late 1800s as an extension to the city palace, it was used by female members of the royal family to observe the city without being seen.

The unmistakable design of the complex includes 953 small windows, carved with intricate latticework and resembling the structure of honeycomb. It is a remarkable architectural gem and undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.

While it is an option to pay an entrance fee and explore inside Hawa Mahal, many opt to marvel the masterpiece from afar. There are a couple of rooftop cafes set adjacent to the building, and many photographers head there to snap some clean shots.

It’s also worthwhile heading back one evening, to see the palace from a different perspective.

  1. Jaipur Stepwell

Another example of unique architecture in India is the various stepwells located around the country.

Historically, the stepwells were constructed to collect water for in times of drought. Today, they are a significant tourist attraction and Instagram hotspot.

You don’t need to take too long to marvel the structure; however, the stimulating design of the Stepwell made this one of our favourite places to visit in Jaipur.

Located nearby Amer Fort and Amber Palace, you can conveniently combine the three attractions over a morning or afternoon.

As a heads up, if you want to take photos on the Stepwell, you should be prepared to bribe the security guards.

  1. Brave the Bazaars

Jaipur is said to be one of the best places in India for street shopping, and you can find various markets scattered around the city.

Visiting a traditional market, or bazaar as the locals call them, is an incredible way to immerse in the culture. The smells, colours, and energy floating around feel like a brutal attack on the senses – in the best possible way.

If you are looking to bag yourself some typical Jaipur souvenirs, vibrant saris, gemstones, rugs, and puppets are all the rage.

If you like to shop, it’s easy to get carried away in Jaipur. Everything is so beautiful and skilfully made. You can find some of the best markets in Jaipur located around the Hawa Mahal area.

Don’t be afraid to haggle – locals are opportunists when it comes to tourists. At the same time, be sure to haggle sensibly and pay what you think is fair for the item.

  1. Go on a Walking Adventure

Sightseeing in Jaipur is done best when exploring on foot. Not only will you cover the best places to visit in Jaipur, but you’ll get to really appreciate the culture.

Jaipur is a city oozing charisma, and you’re in the company of some extraordinary characters. Akin to other places in India, 99% of the locals are eager to share their story. And I promise you won’t regret taking the time to chat to the guy serving you chai or samosas.

My only advice is to be respectful when it comes to taking photos. It’s natural to want to take pictures of the locals and their bizarre ways of living; however, try to communicate with them first and check that it’s ok.

More often than not, you’ll take away a lot more from the interaction than just a photo.

The Best Places to Eat in Jaipur

With so many wondrous tourist places to cover in Jaipur, you can expect your days to be long and exhausting. The key is to fuel your adventures by eating well and keeping hydrated. Here we list some of our favourite places to eat in Jaipur.

Best For Lunch: Tapri the Teahouse $$

This rooftop establishment turned out to be one of our favourite places to eat in Jaipur. The extensive menu includes everything from Indian to Italian, veggie to non-veggie, alcohol to tea – you get the idea. Not only that, but the vibe and service were excellent. Highly recommend checking this place out.

Best For Sunset: The Tattoo Cafe & Lounge $

Located directly across the road from Hawa Mahal building, this cafe is the perfect spot to take a break from sightseeing in Jaipur. While it’s worth visiting at any time of day, we loved coming here for sunset and watching as the Hawa Mahal transformed into illumination. Oh, and the food and drinks are pretty good too!

Best For Dinner: 25 Degrees East $$

We enjoyed some of the best food of our one month trip in India here, and we highly suggest treating yourself during your time in Jaipur. It is a little on the expensive side, but not exploitatively so. There is a certain air of opulence in the city of Jaipur, and it’s worth splurging a little bit to make the most of your experience.

Best For Street Food: Anywhere $

Delectable street food can be found all over Jaipur, and it is by far the cheapest way to try the local cuisine. Concerns about getting sick are justified; however, trying street food is a big part of the India experience. There are steps you can take to avoid the dreaded Delhi belly, including buying from vendors who appear busy.

Getting Around in Jaipur

Getting around the tourist places in Jaipur couldn’t be any easier. Whether you are on a budget or want comfort, there are plenty of transportation options for you to choose from.

By Foot

I mentioned this already, but the best way of sightseeing in Jaipur is by foot. Drink some chai, eat some street food, make some friends and immerse yourself in the exhilarating culture of Jaipur.


Public buses are easy to come by in Jaipur, and naturally, this is the cheapest way to get around. You can check the city of Jaipur website for more information on bus routes in Jaipur.


Of course, there is no shortage of local taxis and tuk-tuks in the city. You will find them in abundance outside any major tourist place in Jaipur, and they are easily flagged down on the street. Depending on your bargaining skills, this can be an expensive way to get around for solo travellers and couples.

Ola Cabs

For us, this was the most comfortable and convenient way to get around Jaipur. Similar to Uber, you can order a taxi directly through the Ola Cab app. You can even book a driver for the whole day if you wanted to. In our experience, it was far cheaper to travel by Ola taxi than a local taxi or tuk-tuk.

Any way you choose to travel, there is never a dull moment when sightseeing in Jaipur.

Where to Stay in Jaipur

Here are some of the best places to stay in Jaipur in the budget, mid-range, and luxury sectors.

Budget Hostel

Hostel Lumb’s NestIf you seek a home away from home when you travel, you are sure to love this charming family run hostel.  The dorms and private rooms are affordable, clean, and comfortable. The only downside is that the location isn’t convenient if you have only a short time in the city.  However, for longer stays, it’s nice to escape the loud and busy city.

Budget Private

Blue KingIf you are on a budget and wish to be a bit closer to the city attractions, Blue King is a well-rated option in Jaipur. For under $10, you can enjoy the modest yet comfortable rooms, friendly atmosphere, and convenient location. 


Umaid Mahal – For a touch of luxury, without the hefty price tag, Umaid Mahal is a top pick in Jaipur. Boasting traditional heritage decor, an outdoor pool, and luxurious rooms, you are guaranteed a memorable stay here.

Affordable Luxe

Pearl Palace Heritage – Recommended by Sarah personally, the service and styling in this hotel is beyond anything you’d ever hope for.  Check out her review now!


Umaid Bhawan – If you don’t mind spending a bit more on accommodation, Umaid Bhawan is a luxury choice in the city. The heritage style hotel boasts a swimming pool, rooftop restaurant and 5* facilities.

Tips for Sightseeing in Jaipur

Here are some useful tips that I hope will enhance your travel experience in Jaipur.

Tourist Composite Tickets

If you plan on visiting several tourist places in Jaipur, you should consider purchasing a tourist composite ticket. This allows you access to 10 attractions in Jaipur, including Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, and Nahargarh Fort, at a discounted rate than if you bought tickets separately. Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time.


You will find when travelling anywhere in India, that tripods are forbidden at most tourist attractions. If you get seen using one, you can expect to be reprimanded by guards. However, if you are careful (and brave), you can often get away with snapping shots before they catch you.

Dress Code

Jaipur is a very traditional and conservative city, so you will want to ensure you dress appropriately.

For women, you should have your shoulders and legs below the knee covered at all times. For men, it is a little more laid back; however, I suggest avoiding revealing vests or tank tops.


Akin to other cities in India, scams towards tourists are not uncommon. It pays to make yourself aware of the common scams in India, so consequently, you can avoid them.

There are also known to be skilled pickpockets operating in Jaipur so be sure to keep your valuables secured at all time. We use either a small padlock or compartmental bag to keep our valuables safe.

Guided Tours of Jaipur

While we prefer to explore places independently, it can be a rewarding experience to adventure Jaipur with a guide. You can read the reviews of several tour companies online, to be sure you are getting the best deal and experience.

We often find we learn a lot more about a place when exploring with a tour guide, as naturally, they know the city like the back of their hand.

Vibrant, colourful, full of energy and culturally interesting, Jaipur offers so much to travellers.

There, you will find countless incredible places to visit in Jaipur.

We hope this detailed guide will help you plan your visit to the capital of Rajasthan – 10 amazing stops is only the beginning.

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Guest post:  Charlotte and Natalie are the explorers and adventurers behind Our Taste For Life.  You will often find them wandering off the beaten path, immersed in nature, or enjoying authentic cultural experiences.  The rest of the time, you will find them eating. Follow their journey on  Instagram and check out their amazing blog!

There are so many amazing things to do in Jaipur. This guide will help you plan your activities, accommodation, transport and meals whilst visiting the pink city. Jaipur is a must-see in India - plan your vacation now!

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