Staying Mobile: Reviewing the Skyroam

Skyroam review

As we become more and more accustomed to being connected online it becomes harder to untangle ourselves from the digital lives.  I remember not long ago when cellphones were just used for making calls and text messages – now the majority of us carry powerful mini-computers in our pockets and handbags and are able to access the internet practically anywhere.  However, this ease of connection can be disrupted when we travel – faced with high roaming costs or desperately hunting out free wifi spots in cafes and restaurants, we generally go without.  That is, until now, thanks to the Skyroam.

This little device (measuring 10.7cm x 5.8cm x 2 cm) provides you with your own personal wifi connection (which can be shared between five devices simultaneously) in over 70 countries all without data caps, contracts or the need to swap out sim cards.  Gone are the days of feeling disconnected or racking up massive bills – thank goodness!  Included with your Skyroam is the required USB charging cable (which you can connect to your computer for on-the-go charging) and a travel case to keep everything together and protected during your travels.

The Skyroam remotely connects to the required digital-sim which then provides you with reliable and surprisingly fast internet access.  The technology behind it is advanced but the device itself is incredibly simple to use; simply turn it on, and click start, at which point you’ll receive 24 hours of sharable, quick and portable wifi access – too easy.

With Nathan working remotely any wifi service that we use needs to be absolutely dependable.  So far, we’ve had two computers and two smartphones wirelessly connected to our Skyroam (four of the five possible) and can’t fault the service.  We’ve picked up strong signals on land and have even managed to connect through to wifi at times as we sailed from one Greek Island to another – obviously there are some areas where it works better than others, but as a general rule, as long as you have mobile reception (and you’re in a country that Skyroam is linked up with), your hotspot will work.

We love our Skyroam – it starts up quickly, connects effortlessly and provides reliable and speedy internet at an affordable rate.  There’s no doubt this handy little device has become an indispensable piece of travel kit for us and one that we’d highly recommend to other travellers and digital nomads.

Skyroam review

Want to stay connected with Skyroam?

Getting your own personal wifi hotspot is easy and affordable.  The devices themselves are currently on special for USD99.99 each (if you’d like to hang onto one) and come with three complimentary day passes – additional passes are only USD8/day and the device is yours to keep.  Besides being able to use your Skyroam on future trips, you’ll also have the option to choose if/when you connect up to the internet if you buy your own device.

Alternatively if you’d rather rent a Skyroam, you’re able to do so by paying a flat rate of USD9.95/day.  Your rental fee covers the connection cost for every day of your journey and when you’re done, you simply return it in the provided pre-paid envelope.

We’d suggest purchasing a Skyroam to keep. We’ve fallen in love with it and can’t imagine having to send it back – if you’re anything like us, you’ll find it indispensable too!

If you do decide to buy one, jump through to Skyroam and use the promo code ‘travel15’ to save 15%!

Thank you to Skyroam for providing us with a device to review – all thoughts are our own.  Buy clicking the above link we also get a small credit towards our wifi – you save 15% and we both get wifi – it’s win, win!

2 thoughts on “Staying Mobile: Reviewing the Skyroam

  1. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the discount code! I was planning on getting one of these for my upcoming trip, and with this discount, it helps save me some money on it! I’m excited to try it out so I can work remotely more often 🙂

    • Sarah - Exploring Kiwis says:

      I’m pleased to help 🙂 if you’d be happy to follow the link on here I’d be ever so grateful as I’ll get a little wifi credit (everyone loves wifi!). Would love to hear what you think of it – we’re very happy ?

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