Nepal’s Best Kept Secret: Movie Garden, Pokhara

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Pokhara, Nepal is known for many things – paragliding, trekking, its beautiful lake, the friendly Nepalese people that inhabit the little city and, as we recently found out, one of the loveliest little outdoor cinemas in the world; the Movie Garden.

Where else in the world can you get freshly popped popcorn, snuggly seats and an incredible outdoor view, all for a bargain basement price?

Whilst in Pokhara, we strongly suggest you pop along to Movie Garden for a memorable night out – it’s the perfect way to unwind in Nepal.

The Movie Garden, Pokhara – The Most Affordable Outdoor Cinema Around!

For an amazing price, you’ll get a ticket to the movie of the night, a comfy seat, freshly popped popcorn (a movie-going essential!) and the use of blankets and cushions to help you get comfy.  Pizza and a variety of drinks are also available for purchase should you choose and if you want to stay on, happy hour extends after the movie.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to pick up a bite before the movie, we recommend checking out these restaurants in Pokhara.

Movie Garden Pokhara nepal popcorn snacks

Uniquely Pokhara: Preparing For Your Movie Garden Night Out

The garden opens at 6pm, with the movie starting at 7.30 and it’s suggested you arrive any time from 6pm till 7pm to ensure you get a good seat.  If you expect the movie to be particularly popular or it’s raining and you want to ensure a seat undercover, head along earlier rather than later and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere before the movie starts.

The night we visited Movie Garden, Pokhara, the movie was Cinema Paradiso, an Italian drama from 1988.  It wasn’t a movie that my friend of I would have ever chosen to watch ourselves (and truthfully, would probably have kept flicking past it had it clicked over on the television) but it was fantastic!

Whatever the weather in Pokhara, Movie Garden is open.  The night we were there it was pouring with rain and lightning was going off all over the place – the following picture was actually taken in the pitch black of night but the storm lit up the lake.  It’s pretty magic sitting under cover whilst the outdoor cinema does its thing.

Movie Garden Pokhara nepal lake view rain

Each night a different movie is shown, so if you’re spending a few nights in town, it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on offer each night and planning accordingly.

Also, in support of the local community, each Saturday night is ‘kids movie’ night where children are allowed in free.  Dan, the owner of Movie Garden suggested anyone working with local kids (or who had their own) can bring them along to enjoy a night out which is such a lovely idea.

Though I’ve been to many movie theatres, none have ever been as full of charm and character as my experience at Movie Garden in Pokhara.

If you find yourself in Pokhara, Nepal, be sure to allow yourself a night or two to pop along to Movie Garden – it’s a fantastic and unique night out in this lovely wee town.

You’ll find Movie Garden on Facebook (where they post the weekly movie schedule) and TripAdvisor.

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  1. runawaybrit says:

    This is so cute. I think I saw this place when we were in Pokhara last year, but we didn’t go in. It looks lovely, reading your post I feel like I missed out. Also, Cinema Paradiso is an AMAZING film – the stolen kisses montage at the end is pretty much the only time I have ever welled up at a movie!

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