The New Kid on the Blog – Who am I? Morgan McGregor

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This is awkward.

And a little bit awesome!

I feel as though I’m intruding on somebody’s sacred space – this blog of Sarah and Nathan’s where they discuss their intrepid escapades. More than that, I feel as though all of their readers, you all, are likely perfectly content with just them. Who am I to move in on this?

Well, Sarah put the word out she’s looking for a couple of Kiwi’s to help contribute to this blog, as she felt there simply wasn’t enough Kiwi content on a blog titled ‘Exploring Kiwi’s’. My hand instantly shot up! I’ve been dabbling in blogging for a while with a film blog and this coming year I intend on kicking off a social media/photography/written content business of which one of the services is blogging, I’d also been considering starting a travel blog myself, as it’s one of my great passions.

I suppose it’s a case of “right time, right person”, as Sarah agreed I’d be a good fit for the role! Everything going well, it’s likely you’ll be seeing a fair bit of me!

So what can you expect? Well, you can likely expect plenty of posts about Waihi Beach and the surrounding areas – as I visit the region every few weeks. And of course Auckland – like a quarter of all Kiwi’s out here, I hail from the City of Sail’s and I’m excited to talk about all this city has to offer! I have to admit, I’m not your fittest explorer, so I won’t provide any great hiking tips, but I love the water, I love taking Instagram pics, and I LOVE to eat.

Yesterdays photoshoot location was as beautiful as it was windy ???

A photo posted by Morgan (@morganlouisemcgregor) on

Nothing like a good bit of rugged Kiwi coast and some neat wildlife to make me appreciate the air I’m breathing ?

A photo posted by Morgan (@morganlouisemcgregor) on

Me and Livi are slowly taking a milkshake tour of Auckland City ??

A photo posted by Morgan (@morganlouisemcgregor) on

I really hope I can be a good fit with Exploring Kiwis – I can’t wait to share with you all my little adventures!

Morgan McGregor

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