Must Have Apps: TripIt

Regardless of whether you’re planning a weekend away or hitting the road for months at a time, TripIt should be a staple on your smart phone or tablet.

Whenever you book accommodation, transport or activities, TripIt automatically scans your email and loads your itinerary to site.  You can access and load details through their website but TripIt really comes into its own in their (very clever) app.  It allows you carry all the important information regarding your trip on your portable device and you can even share the details in with others accompanying you and with family back home (let’s face it, it’s a good idea for someone to know where you’ll be, especially when you’re travelling to dicier areas).

TripIt is free, but even if it came at a cost, it would be money well spent!

Check out their website or download the app from iTunes or through Google Play

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