Freaking Out over Freakshakes in Dubai!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a major sweet tooth. In the past we’ve traipsed all over town (and sometimes further afield) to track down a delicious looking treat so when we saw the most amazing freakshakes popping up on Instagram there was no question that we’d be driving over to Dubai – the only questions were how soon we could get there and what flavours we’d choose (this proved to be a difficult decision)!

We looked over the menu and decided on a savoury start, as apparently milkshakes don’t cover all of the essential food groups required of lunch. We expected the shakes to be amazing, but didn’t have too much of an idea of what to expect from the other menu items; it’s fair to say I was blinded by the monster shakes.

Chicken wings were the easy choice for me and they were seriously good!  Crispy wings, beautifully cooked (remaining tender whilst not being even slightly greasy), served with a lemon and coriander dip.  I’m not normally a fan of coriander but everything about the dish was amazing.

The shakes are what drew our attention to Fume but I think the wings may just be what keep us coming back – yum!

Amazing chicken wings, Downtown Dubai, FumeIn preparation for our monster shakes, we decided we’d better stock up on water. For those of you who haven’t visited Dubai yet, there’s no such thing as ‘free water’ in restaurants – the majority of people don’t drink tap water in the UAE which means that water comes from bottles and it, of course, needs to be paid for.  We’re used to sometimes being charged a small fortune for bottled water but at AED10 for a 750mL bottle, we were pleasantly surprised – well done Fume.  I couldn’t resist a snap of the bottle either, check it out (melted snowmen, too cute!)

With water on hand, it was time for the main event…

Fume Downtown Dubai waterFume have four monstrous shakes, AKA freakshakes, on their permanent menu (chocolate, caramel and two berry based recipes) and they periodically add new ones (like their Ramadan date shake which is now in rotation).  Deciding which ones we’d like to try was a difficult decision (first world problems, right?) – check out the amazing ingredients that go into each of these shakes…

Fume make many of the different components for their monster shakes themselves, right down to the gooey brownie and cheesecake toppers and the delicious ice cream that is mixed in (and sits on top) of the shakes.  We enjoyed chatting to the pastry chef downstairs who is responsible for these calorific-delights and it was clear to see that he is immensely passionate about these creations – with good reason, too.

Freak Shakes Dubai Fume Downtown menuWe’d heard great things about the Bro-Nut and Popping Cereal but decided that with chocolate overload, a fruity shake probably wouldn’t be a bad idea, so we decided on Berry Freaky to complement our Bro-nut.

How amazing do these look?!

Freak Shakes Dubai Fume DowntownThey tasted every bit as amazing!

The Bro-nut chocolate creation was my personal favourite. The brownie was deliciously gooey and a very generous portion. It went far beyond being a garnish… In fact, it was amongst the best chocolate brownies we’ve ever eaten! The shake itself was, of course, sweet but avoided being overly so.  It had the perfect mix of milk chocolate, caramel and white chocolate, mixed in with their homemade, ice-cold ice cream.  Fresh cream topped off the shake along with M&Ms and a couple of Kitkat bars.  I’m not sure how Fume managed to create something that looks so absolutely decadent but isn’t overwhelmingly chocolatey, but they’ve managed it.

Freak Shakes Dubai Chocolate BrownieNathan favoured the Berry Freaky monster shake – a healthier combination of mixed wild berries, yoghurt, ice cream (because you can’t be too healthy when you’re talking freak shakes!), fresh cream and a wafer cone.  This shake was almost tart in comparison to the Bro-nut; a fresh option that nicely complimented our chocolate shake.  You could clearly taste the berries and yoghurt, and just like the Bro-nut, Berry Freaky was served icy cold, making for a very refreshing mid-afternoon snack in the desert heat.

Eduardo, the manager of Fume Downtown, explained that he personal favourite berry shake was the Funky CheeseShake – a strawberry concoction with a slice of cheesecake to top it off!  When we return, that’s going to have to be top of our list too as I think it would be the perfect combination of both sweetness and refreshment.

Whilst we were in Fume, a number of patrons ordered their monster shakes and the delight on their faces was a pleasure to observe!  Something about these shakes brings out the child in everyone – they’re decadent, beautiful and a little bit ridiculous (in the very best way).  They’re memorable and exciting which is exactly what you want when you’re deciding on where you’ll spend your hard earned cash.

Fume’s customer service was second to none (literally, the friendliest service we’d had in Dubai), their decor was funky and welcoming and the atmosphere energetic.  Everything about Fume was unpretentious but impressive; from the industrial styling, to the gourmet but upfront home-cooked food, everything had us wanting to come back for more.

If you’re stopping by in Dubai, be sure to venture outside of Dubai Mall and across the road to Fume – you will not be disappointed!

We came for their monster shakes, and left realising that Fume offers so much more.  Was it worth making the hour+ drive from Abu Dhabi over to Dubai to check these freakshakes out?  You bet!  Will we be back?  One hundred times, yes!

Fume Dubai view of Burj Khalifa

Thank you to Fume and Jas Hospitality for so warmly welcoming us as their guests.  All views are 100% our own – Fume is just that good!

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