Into the Deep in Hawaii: Reviewing Fair Wind Snorkeling Cruises

If there’s one thing that both Nathan and I enjoy, it’s snorkeling and if there’s one place we never get sick of, it’s Hawai’i.

Unsurprisingly then, when we finally made it over to the Big Island, getting into the water was the top of our to-do list!  Aside from a night swim with the incredible manta rays, we’d heard amazing things about the day trip out to Kealakekua Bay.

Having met a few people around the island, the one thing they all recommended was the day trip with Fair Wind Cruises out to the Captain Cook monument.  In fact, one couple had done this exact day trip four times so based on that, we knew it was an absolute must-do!

Getting to Kealakekua Bay

Known as being home to the best snorkeling on the Big Island, this calm bay is accessible only via boat or a fairly strenuous hike under the hot Hawaiian sun.  Those that do decide to make the hike have to be up at the crack of dawn to ensure they get one of the limited carparks, but why you’d even contemplate this when such amazing tours are on offer is beyond me.

Clearly, we suggest you sign up with Fair Wind and make a day of it.  In doing so, we got to sit back and relax as we cruised over to Kealakekua Bay, munching on breakfast snacks, watching for whales and dolphins and trawling for big game.  Plus, their departure point is closer to the main hotels and resorts, meaning more time to sleep in!

Snorkeling at Captain Cook = The Pristine Snorkeling in Hawai’i!

We’re all about snorkeling so when our research told us that Kealakekua Bay was the best choice on the Big Island, there was never any doubt that we’d visit.

What did we think of it though?

To be honest, we thought the snorkeling over by our first resort, the Mauna Lani Bay, was just as good but without doubt, our overall experience with Fair Wind made the day a winning choice.

What Makes Fair Wind Cruises the Best Choice in Day Trips on the Kona Coast?

We’ve been fortunate to head out on a number of day trips and tours in the past but it takes a special group of people to truly live their ethos like Fair Wind do.  Every single decision at Fair Wind clearly comes down to two key things… the best customer experience whilst looking after their gorgeous environment.

They’re serious about looking after the environment!

With biodegradable plates and utensils, reef-safe sunscreen, biodiesel fueling the fleet and an obvious waste-reduction policy, Fair Wind really do walk the talk.  Upon boarding, all guests are informed about best reef-protection practices and supported in doing so.

Fun Fact:  The local chip shop supplies their leftover oil (used to make the chip you’ll have for lunch!) which is then turned into biofuel.  Chips have never tasted better!

They only serve top quality, local produce

The Fair Wind Cruise experience goes far beyond that of just a snorkel trip with lots of other fabulous activities and sightings and, perhaps most importantly, tonnes of fantastic food!

“Ask not what you can do for your country.  Ask what’s for lunch” – Orson Welles

Let’s face it, food is important!

With the majority of food items being homemade in the certified Fair Wind kitchen from locally grown crops, you know everything will be fresh and tasty.  Egg frittatas, muffins, potato chips, yummy hotdogs and 100%-Big-Island-grass-fed-Waimea-beef (what a juicy mouthful) burgers and much, much more – there’s a great assortment of items to ensure that everyone onboard leaves with happy tummies.

It’s all about the community

Fair Wind Cruises is seriously connected around the Big Island.  The compost material from their kitchen is used by one of their delivery guys to feed the pigs on his farm.  Old inner tubes and wetsuits are repurposed by a local artist to make beautiful, unique jewellery and bags.  In the same way that the team are clearly connected to their environment, so are they to their community.

They’re kitted out with all the gear!

We understand how it is when you’re travelling on holiday – it’s just not possible to take every single thing you might need.

Fortunately, Fair Wind are well prepared with all of the gear to ensure you have an awesome day out on the water.  From snorkels, masks and fins to reef-safe sunscreen, stand up paddleboards, lifejackets, noodles and ‘glass bottom’ boogie boards, you’ll be set to take to the water.

Best of all though?  Those awesome waterslides!!

With plenty of time to explore this pristine part of the Big Island, delicious food and drinks on tap,  fun galore, a friendly team and all the sunshine you could ever hope for, it’s really hard to beat a day out snorkeling with Fair Wind Cruises.

So much so, we’d recommend it as an island must-do!

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Thank you to Fair Wind Cruises for so kindly hosting us for the purpose of this review.  As always, all thoughts are our own.

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