Diving in Fujairah: Al Boom Diving – The Best in the UAE

Many visitors to the United Arab Emirates are surprised to find that this Middle Eastern country is home to a number of memorable dive sites.  Sure, countries like Egypt are known for their diving, but the UAE? Not so much.

If you’re looking jump in and see the UAE’s ocean life for yourself, there’s one place that should be top of your list; the diving in Fujairah is the best you’ll find in the country.

As my time draws to an end living the expat life in Abu Dhabi there are a few items that I still need to check off my bucket list. Diving in Fujairah was on my bucket list since arriving in the UAE but fortunately, I was able to tick this item off over the weekend.

Diving in Fujairah: Time for a Refresher!

Since it had been a while between dives, I needed to refresh my diving skills. Luckily for me, Al Boom Diving have an awesome refresher course to help rusty divers review their diving knowledge.

To kick off the refresher course you’ll take a short test to review your basic knowledge. Next you’ll need to assemble your equipment before hopping into the water with your instructor to re-test all of your some basic diving skills.

Taking an hour to complete, this refresher calmed my nerves and left me feeling confident and excited to explore the underwater world of Fujairah.

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Diving with Al Boom in Fujairah: All Aboard

All the best dive spots in the UAE are located in Fujairah, so it was only natural that we chose this beachside emirate for a two tank dive with Al Boom Diving.

Once we’d completed our refresher course, we boarded the boat, full of confidence and made our way to Dibba Rock and Sharm Rocks; our two stops whilst diving in Fujairah.

Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock was the first protected marine reserve in the United Arab Emirates and also the first stop of our two tank dive.

During our briefing this small island made of rock was described as having an abundance of life. The typical marine life being reef sharks, moray eels, turtles, cuttlefish and an array of tropical fish.

Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the dive conditions – only was it freezing but the visibility was really poor. Even with the poor diving visibility though, we were blessed to see sergeant major fish, cuttlefish, lion fish and one of the biggest sting rays I’ve ever seen.

Though we’d have loved for the conditions to have been more suited to diving, that’s always the risk you run being out in Mother Nature!

Sharm Rocks

Our second stop was located just a short distance from the Al Boom Diving Centre. Also known as Three Rocks Pinnacles or the Three Sisters, this site is aptly named because of the three large rocks that emerge directly from the water.

A great dive site for all levels due to its shallow and calm waters, Sharm Rocks thankfully had much better diving conditions.  The water was warmer and clearer, making this dive significantly more enjoyable.

During the dive we spotted moray eels, large schools of tropical fish, fabulous corals and had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a majestic turtle gliding through the water.

Sharm Rocks offered exactly what we expected of diving in Fujairah!

What Did We Love Most About Diving in Fujairah?

The real highlight of our diving trip was an adorable fish who lived in a hole at the bottom of the ocean. He was bit like a dog, playing fetch-  every time a small rock was placed in his hole, he’d retrieve it and push it again out of his hole.

My only regret was that my GoPro battery died and I couldn’t record this cute interaction!

Would I Dive in Fujairah Again?  With Al Boom Diving?

Absolutely!  Despite the poor diving conditions at the first stop, I had a great day.

I particularly enjoyed the small ratios of divers to dive leader. This made me feel safe and confident when diving, especially since I hadn’t been for a dive in over a year.

Al Boom Diving offered water and fruit in between dives and I felt they had a great briefing at each stop. Each briefing was very detailed explaining the diving conditions, what you could expect to see and the entrance and exit protocols.

The only thing that would have made this experience better would have been additional information regarding the sea-life found in the region; marine charts or books on the marine life that could be found in the Fujairah region would have been the cherry-on-top of an awesome day, allowing us to identify what we had seen on our dives.

All in all, our dive in Fujairah was a great success.  They have a fantastic team, quality gear and, most importantly, beautiful dive-sites.

Let’s hope we can squeeze one more visit in before we leave the UAE!

Thank you to Al Boom Diving for hosting us for the purpose of this review.  As always, all thoughts are our own.


Diving in Fujairah: Al Boom Diving – The Best in the UAE

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