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Ferrari World Review – Abu Dhabi, UAE

January 9, 2016

We’ve been living in Abu Dhabi since late August now and before we even touched down here, I was excited to visit Ferrari World, home to the world’s fastest roller coaster.  Everyone that knows me, knows I’m a bit obsessed with roller coasters and the call of Formula Rossa just became too much to bear, so yesterday we headed over to check it out (blame it on the post-holiday blues).

Ferrari World is hard to miss as one of the main features of Yas Island, alongside Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit (where the annual F1 is held) and Yas Mall.  It’s become quite the tourism hub over the past years, drawing crowds from every every corner of the world, but is Ferrari World worth spending your hard-earned money on?


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I’d heard mixed reviews of Ferrari World over the past months; most of them commenting on the relative lack of rides in the park and though I’d hoped that Formula Rossa would make the visit worthwhile, unfortunately for us, it didn’t.

The flagship ride at Ferrari World, Formula Rossa is said to reach the mind-blowing speed of 240km/hr and without doubt, the takeoff was incredible!


Formula Rossa launching

The coaster has some awesome air-time moments but, presumedly due to the speed it reaches, the ride itself is jerky.  Both Nathan and I came off with sore heads though that’s probably to be expected.   Yes the acceleration was fantastic, but it really demonstrated to us both that there’s more to a good roller coaster than just speed… it makes me realise how much I want to get back to Six Flags Magic Mountain to ride Full Throttle again!

Both of us can now say that we’ve ridden the fastest roller coaster in the world, but we also have to admit to opting out of riding it for a second time (even though the line was relatively short) which for a coaster fanatic, I feel that says quite a lot.

The other rides were relatively relaxed and unremarkable from our point of view, but there did seem to be plenty of people excited to be there.  The park feels more suited to families and first-time theme park attendees; the truth is, we’ve probably been spoilt by visiting theme parks that excel in creating amazing atmosphere and have memorable rides.


Winter at Ferrari World – foam snow included!  The structure that houses Ferrari World is worth a mention as it was very impressive.


One of the family rides


The dueling family coaster


Italian theming inside

Flying Aces, another coaster currently under construction (which is soon to be completed), along with a log flume and another family ride are being added to Ferrari World, which is exactly what I think this park needs.  If they’re able to add to the number of rides whilst improving the quality of their offerings they may find they’ll have more repeat visitors.  I must admit, it’s going to be hard to resist visiting again when Flying Aces opens – the track looks like great fun!

Have you visited Ferrari World before?  What did you make of it?

PS: Stay tuned for our review of Yas Waterworld which we loved!



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