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Captivating Capri

July 27, 2016

Just off the coast of Western Italy, lays the island of Capri. This small island plays host to the rich and famous alongside your average holiday maker looking to enjoy the Italian sun.

Capri Highlights

This beautiful island has a number of attractions, all based around its beautiful scenery. Sharing the same coastline as the Amalfi Coast beaches, there are of course similarities, but also enough unique sights to warrant a trip to this beautiful island.

Island Tour by Boat

As you disembark the ferry, you’ll notice a series of companies offering tours of the island by boat and for between €16 and €18 per person, you’ll be whisked off on a trip around Capri.

exploring capri
From the water, the steep cliffs are immensely impressive and though the stops along the way aren’t as memorable as the general scenery, they are worth seeing.

exploring capriexploring capriexploring capri

The final point before returning to the marina is the one everyone waits for though…

The Blue Grotto

The last stop on the boat tours just happens to be the highlight too – the Blue Grotto. For a fee of €13 per person (€4 of which is tax, the rest is the boat fee) you’re able to jump into a little rowboat to head into the Blue Grotto, a water-engulfed cave where the sea water glows the most beautiful shade of fluorescent blue.

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You can access the Blue Grotto onboard an island tour (as we did) or you can catch the bus to the land access point and wait in line there. If you’re tight on time or don’t fancy boats, that would be our recommendation. Though we enjoyed seeing Capri from the water, the boat system whilst waiting for the rowboats is pretty chaotic and a number of other tour boats managed to jump the cue somehow, delaying us from entering the Grotto even more – we would have waited well over 1.5 hours to enter the cave, during which time the people waiting on land would have been long gone.

Seeing Capri from the Top

The roads around Capri really are something to be experienced! Incredibly narrow in places with hairpin bends on sharp clifftops, these roads are not for the faint of heart but they do reward visitors with spectacular views.

If you want to get higher still, you can catch the single-seater chairlift from Anacapri to the peak of the island for what I’m told are breathtaking views.  The chairlift costs €11 each return and takes approximately 13 minutes in each direction.

exploring capri
Shop up a Storm

We were surprised by the number of high-end shops found on the island selling clothes and customs made leather shoes (though in retrospect, shouldn’t have been – the number of super yachts moored off the island were a dead giveaway). Alongside these shops were countless others targeted at your more everyday shopper, selling lemon goods (for which this region is renowned), Italian food products, souvenirs and of course pasta, pizza and gelato. If you’re keen to look around the shops, you can catch the bus up to Anacapri and then down to Capri before finishing up at the bottom of the island by the marina.

Take a Dip to Cool Off

Few beaches we’ve been to compete with the crystal clear water found around this coastline and Capri ticks all the boxes. The shingle beaches are easily assessable (not far from where the ferries drop visitors off) and as long as you’re happy to sit on your own towel, there is no charge to visit them. The water at the end of July was still surprisingly cold upon entering the ocean but we quickly adjusted; after a long day in the sun, it’s probably better that the water’s a bit on the cool side anyway!

How to get to Capri

Capri is accessible via water (or helicopter if you’re a high flyer) using either a local ferry or private transfer. The island is served by a number of large jet boats ferrying customers back and forth throughout the day from a range of locations on the mainland. We paid €23.30 each for the ticket there and €21.80 for the ticket back (to Salerno) but it is slightly less if you’re staying in Amalfi, Positano or Naples. We were surprised by the price of the ferry but could resit seeing the island for ourselves whilst we were so close.

Getting Around on Capri

Once you’re on the island, transport is by boat, bus, taxi, or if you’d prefer, rental car/scooter. Bus tickets are €1.80 per person which makes for relatively inexpensive transport, especially when you see the steep cliffs around the island – walking long distances isn’t exactly easy or efficient. There aren’t a great deal of towns on Capri which makes working out the bus system incredibly easy and as they run fairly often, they’re convenient too. If you’d prefer something more tailored to your needs though, you are able to hire a taxi or boat to take you to points around the island.

exploring capri
Whether you choose to spend a few nights on Capri or just venture across for a day as we did, Capri is worth the time, effort and expense it takes to get there. A gorgeous island with unique sights, be sure to spend some time there if you can during your trip to the Amalfi Coast.

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