Another New Kid on the Block (or is that Blog?)… Meet Sarah Sullivan

January 23, 2017
Sarah S Exploring Kiwis tulips

Kia Ora!

I’m Sarah, originally from New Zealand but currently residing in Abu Dhabi working as a teacher at a local school.

My passion for traveling all started with a stint working at a summer camp in America.  The exposure to meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and trying new foods, ignited a fire in me and I haven’t stopped traveling since!

Over the past nine years I have been working as a teacher and nanny in England, Austria, Germany and now the United Arab Emirates. During this time I have spent every free moment exploring and traveling the world and having travelled to over 50 countries my ‘list’ seems to be never ending – in fact every time I travel I seem to add at least 10 more places to my list (first world problems, I know!)

When away on adventures I love to fit the most into my time away, experience new food, encounter something daring or adventurous, try out the local nightlife, and if I can manage to fit in a hike that’s an added bonus!  I have experienced every type of travel and I love it all – with that said though, I won’t be rushing out to spend seven weeks living in a tent again anytime soon!

A few of my interests aside from travelling are hiking, netball, dragon boats, reading, cooking, trying new restaurants, aimlessly checking Facebook, and constantly talking (the latter two might be habits).

A common question I encounter is what is your favourite place? I find this question impossible to answer – I have loved every adventure and trip I’ve been on and I can’t wait to share these adventures with you!

Sarah Sullivan

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